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The Alien Jigsaw exists to help other people in similar circumstances realize they are not alone and that the component of the unknown, be it extraterrestrial, interdimensional or other, need not alienate them from the rest of humanity. The Alien Jigsaw has been a major contributor to the UFO Alien Abduction and ET Disclosure process since the 1980’s and has had an online presence for 25 years.

“...The Alien Jigsaw is a web portal created by a contactee who has been heavily involved with the ET abduction contact phenomenon for quite some time and has conscious recall of many interactions with these beings.... Alien Jigsaw is one of the earliest, gold standard authors of the UFO phenomenon and much of what we know today stems from mind boggling revelations and details that were published way back when no one else dared to publish. Now that Alien Jigsaw is online, we have yet another source of level headed and insightful information to help us maneuver all the pieces together to see the global picture.” - The Object Report

The Alien Jigsaw’s
Global ET Research Contributors

David Adair
David Adair

Stephen BassettStephen Bassett

Richard BonenfantRick Bonenfant

John CarpenterJohn Carpenter

German ET Research-CE IV Lexicon
CE-IV Lexikon Team

David ChaceDavid Chace

Forest CrawfordForest Crawford

Agent D

Michel Deschamps
Michel Deschamps

Richard Dolan
Richard Dolan

Elaine DouglassElaine Douglas

Harold EgelnHarold Egeln

Child Looking into Vortex
ET Essay Gallery

Events & Conferences

George FawcettGeorge Fawcett

Johannes FiebagJohannes Fiebag MUFON-Experiencer-Research-Team.jpg
Joseph Flammer
Exp. Research Team The-Dr-Edgar-Mitchell-Foundatiion.jpg
Edgar Mitchell Foundation

Steven Greer Disclosure Project
Steven Greer

November HansonNovember Hanson

Budd HopkinsBudd Hopkins

David M. JacobsDavid M. Jacobs

JAR Returns

Nadine Lalich

Barbara Lamb

Manuel LamiroyManuel Lamiroy

Roger Leir

Melinda LeslieMelinda Leslie

Eve LorgenEve Lorgen

John E. Mack
John E. Mack Kathleen-Marden.jpgKathleen Marden

Philip MantlePhilip Mantle Cortile-Meers-Witnessed.jpgSean F. Meers Joe-Montaldo-ICAR.jpgJoe Montaldo Steve-Pearse-Star-Map.jpgSteve Pearse

Alien EncountersNina Pendred

Lloyd PyeLloyd Pye

Jenny Randles
Jenny Randles

Peter RobbinsPeter Robbins

Carol Rosin
Carol Rosin

Oregon MFONKeith Rowell

Yvonne SmithYvonne Smith

Jim SparksJim Sparks

Starborn SupportAudrey Starborn

Denise StonerDenise Stoner

Steven TalbottSteven Talbott

Victor ViggianiVictor Viggiani

ET Holding ChildVoices

Farah Yurdozu
Farah Yurdözü

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Mobile Device Site Map

“How extraordinary to appreciate the gravity of this historic moment, to understand that those who rise to such historic imperatives have routinely been trashed by their detractors throughout human history, and that their names and their work will live on long after those of their critics have been forgotten.”

– Peter Robbins, Investigative Reporter, Abductee Advocate, Artist, Writer, Author, and Friend Secret-Space-Program.jpg

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Global ET Research

Joining together some of the World’s most knowledgeable researchers to bring you the most accurate representation of the ET Contact phenomenon possible. This includes information regarding associated anomalies ranging from bigfoot sightings to lunar and solar anomalies. We include a special focus on Exopolitics which is an interdisciplinary scientific field with roots in the political sciences. Exopolitics’ focus is on research, education and public policy regarding the actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life and the wide range of implications this entails, through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.

We also host articles about controversial topics such as MILABs, REABs and PsyOps – no conspiracies – just the facts. Our Reviews and Opinions include book reviews, op-eds and interviews; and our Fun page is just that: comics, satire and fun facts related to all that is ET.

Check back often as our current and new Global ET Research Contributors keep you up to date on their past as well as latest discoveries.

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