Videotaping Alien Beings

The 2010 Experiment

Part II

Time Invested = 181 Hours

By Global ET Research

Week One: Orbs or Small Balls of Light

The following notes are from one of the AEs as they watched the videotapes. This is being published to demonstrate the type of notes that were taken when the videotapes were viewed.

“Videotaping showed orbs or faint balls of light. I had a very involved alien experience. There were some peculiarities however. The video counter showed the following in minutes and hours, i.e. 21:38 = twenty-one minutes and thirty-eight seconds into recording:

21:38 A ball of light moves from the bottom (out of camera view) upward (into camera view) on the left side of bed.

21:44 A ball of light moves from left to right over bed near AEs’ heads.

23:_ _ A ball of light moves on the left side over AE-2.

3:09 Three hours and nine minutes into taping AE-1 gets out of bed.

3:11 AE-1 gets back into bed.

3:48 A ball of light moves over AEs’ bed.

3:59 A sound or change in surroundings occurs and AE-2 puts their arm over their head.

5:16 AE-1 gets out of bed to use the bathroom.

5:18 Five hours and 18 minutes into taping, a large orb or ball of light moves from left to right over AE-2 while AE-1 is still in the bathroom.

5:22 AE-1 gets back into bed.

7:27 An orb or ball of light moves from right to left over both AEs’ bed near their heads.

Aliens Aware of Videotaping Experiment

AE-2 experienced another encounter that involved the Beings letting them know they were aware of their videotaping project. The Being was disappointed they were attempting to videotape again. An encounter was consciously remembered and it involved the tall Greys that stand approximately 7 feet in height.

AE-2 interacted with the Tall Greys and it was described as “a positive encounter.” They watched the Greys board their craft which was described as “huge” and “domed-shaped/saucer shaped.” AE-2 could clearly see the Greys as they looked out of a window in the craft. Curiously, one of the Greys still standing near AE-2 as they were watching the craft handed AE-2 a camera in order to take a photograph of the large saucer shaped craft with the Greys peering out at them. Unfortunately, that is where the AE’s memory ended. Again, it is obvious the beings were aware of the AEs’ attempts to capture their image in a photograph or video, but this was something that was – at least at that point – not allowed.

Week Three: More Orbs and an Odd Event

It was now April 2010, and as the days passed, the tapes showed nothing unusual or anomalous occurring while the AEs slept. However, three weeks into the project, another contact experience occurred and one of the AEs describes writing three pages in their journal about what they remembered. Below is a sample of their handwritten notes while viewing the recording.

The first time sequence given below indicates the tape that was recording that night was two hours, seven minutes and 14 seconds into recording. The second time indicates the tape is two hours, 30 minutes and 50 seconds into recording:

“2:07:14 A large ball or orb creates a flash of light and moves to the right towards AE-2 – it moves fast.

2:30:50 AE-1 stretches right arm toward the side table [nightstand] and holds it up a bit – doesn’t do anything; AE-1 holds arm in place as if having blood drawn.

2:44:39 AE-1 moves left arm and sits up partially, and then lies back down.

2:45:00 There is a high pitched sound, but it is faint. AE-1 moves.

3:18:45 AE-2 gets up coughing and goes into the bathroom.

3:21:07 A light orb is seen on empty side of bed – above the bed while AE-2 is in the bathroom.

3:25:40 Another orb or a light comes out of an exterior wall on AE-2’s side of bed just before AE-2 gets back into bed. AE-2 looks at the clock and then gets up at 3:26:43 to get a pillow to block the light from the lamp they use for the motion detectors.

4:11 a.m. The electronic motion detectors go off two times in a row without any reason. No one can be seen, at least, no one whose image could be captured on video.

May 2010: AEs Document Similar Encounters

In early May of 2010, both AEs consciously remember having an encounter again and they document 2-1/2 pages in their journal. They do this separately, and then after they have both written down what they remember, they read each other’s account. Both report experiencing physical aftereffects [symptomatology] from the encounter.

The AEs leave their house that day to run errands. That night prior to going to bed, they check the camera and realize the camera has been disabled. After getting the camera to work again, they locate a better camera and set it up. While the set up is occurring, the AEs both sense the presence of the tall Greys. They go to bed at approximately 1:30 a.m.

Video Anomalies

After viewing the tape the following day, it shows that the tape signal is interrupted shortly after they get into bed. When the record button is pressed, the tape shows one AE lying in bed with the sheets over them.

The tape then shows vertical streaks of colors, and then it stops. It then shows the colors again and then the AE. Following that are a lot of bright lines and a soft “puff” sound and then everything blips out and there is no signal. There is nothing on the tape for the next 7 hours.

These images are in sequence and are about 1/2-second to 1-second apart. What you are seeing is the videotape image on the AEs’ television screen, which was videotaped using a digital camera. These are stills taken from the digital recording. The first four images show colored lines appearing and then moving slightly.

The first two images depict what some say appears to be the face and head of a Grey or Mantis type Being in-between the two vertical colored lines in the first image, and behind the vertical lines in the second image.


Some people see a cranium, two large eyes and a ridge down the middle of the face, which becomes narrower at the bottom. Others will not agree with this interpretation, and the majority of others probably won’t see anything. We are not certain what these images depict except interference with the signal and/or video. What is important is that something interfered with the video signal to the camera and it was not the AEs since they were still in their bed.


These images are in sequence and this sequence represents a timeframe of approximately 5 seconds or less. After that, as one can see, everything goes black.


Image 5 with the lines is the last image that appears on the videotape and it appears the moment the “puff” sound is heard.


The yellow symbol in Image 6 reads “no signal;” however, the tape continued to run for another 7 hours, but it didn’t record anything except a black screen. That is to say, it recorded over the previous night’s recording, but it only recorded blackness until the last few seconds.


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We Elected Not To Include Images

of the Orbs and Flashes of Light

Because That’s What They Were:

Orbs and Flashes of Light....
























Shaking Hands with Diplomat ET

Tall Grey A.K.A. Diplomat Grey with AE






























ET Face Caught on Video

Image 1

Possible ET Face Between Lines

Face of ET Caught on Video Image-2-Videotaping-ET.jpg

Image 2

Possible Face on Left Side Behind Lines Image-3-Videotaping-ETs-jpg

Image 3

Possible Face is Gone, Lines have Moved Image-4-Videotaping.jpg

Image 4 Image-5-Videotaping.jpg

Image 5

The Instant the “Puff” Sound is Heard Image-6-Videotaping.jpg

Image 6

The yellow symbol in Image 6 reads “no signal;” however, the tape continued to run for another 7 hours, but it didn’t record anything except a black screen. That is to say, it recorded over the previous night’s recording, but it only recorded blackness until the last few seconds.


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