Blood Types of Abductees, Experiencers and Contactees: What Could They Indicate?

Part III

By Global ET Research

 Contributions from Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner
ICAR’s Team and Directors, Joe Montaldo and November Hanson and Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.


Distribution of Blood Types Worldwide

According to Wikipedia, the list below shows the distribution of blood types worldwide. It makes no differentiation between abductees, experiencers and contactees versus non-abductees, non-experiencers and non-contactees. Additionally, Wikipedia admits their numbers are in dispute. We will go on the record and state that when it comes to all that is UFOs and/or Extraterrestrial related, everything published on Wikipedia is in dispute and rightfully so. Their pages concerning this subject have been hijacked by the “skepti-bunkers” or if you prefer, debunkers of the phenomenon. Additionally, at the time this article was published and this information was obtained, Wikipedia’s tally for their weighted means equated 110.10 when it should have equated to 100.

The two sources for this data are Wikipedia and Dennis O’Neil.

O− (Rh Negative) = 7.0 % Wiki = 4.3%

O+ (Rh Positive) = 37.0 % Wiki = 36.4%

A− (Rh Negative) = 6.0 % Wiki = 3.5%

A+ (Rh Positive) = 36.0 % Wiki = 28.3%

B− (Rh Negative) = 1.0 % Wiki = 1.4%

B+ (Rh Positive) = 9.0% Wiki = 20.6%

AB− (Rh Negative) = 1.0 % Wiki = 0.5%

AB+ (Rh Positive) = 3.0 % Wiki = 5.1%

Global ET Research was not provided with the exact number of participants for ICAR’s study. Although perhaps not significantly different, the percentages below [in brackets] reflect the percentages using the total number of participants as being an even 1,400 subjects. The Wikipedia numbers have been omitted since the weighted mean sums were inflated.

Distribution of Blood Types of Abductees, Contactees and Experiencers as Compared to the Global Occurrence or Distribution.

Keep in mind that the global percentages may or may not include people who have had ET contact experiences. In effect, we are comparing people who say they have had ET experiences with people who “have and have not” had ET experiences; another small flaw in the study which is, of course, unavoidable since most people on our planet are still “asleep.”


ICAR: O− 36% [34%] Global: O− 7.0 %

ICAR: O+ 27% [27%] Global: O+ 37.0 %

ICAR: A− 4.5% [0.5%] Global: A− 6.0 %

ICAR: A+ 12.5% [13%] Global: A+ 36.0 %

ICAR: B− 3% [3.0 %] Global: B− 1.0 %

ICAR: B+ 3% [3.0 %] Global: B+ 9.0%

ICAR: AB− 10% [10%] Global: AB− 1.0 %

ICAR: AB+ 3% [0.3%] Global: AB+ 3.0 %                               


ICAR’s Conclusions

November Hanson, the author of ICAR’s study writes, “I find it most interesting that the blood type [of the humans] ETs pick up the most is O Negative” and “it’s a new mutation of the blood types. Rh Negative blood only showed up between 25,000 and 40,000 years ago and O Negative is  considered the ‘universal donor’….it’s very strange that it just appeared out of nowhere yet it saves 1000’s of lives every year. However, the only blood that an O Negative person can take is O Negative. It would appear that half of all contactees [who participated in the study] have Rh Negative blood…”

It is quite interesting that blood type O− was more prevalent in ICAR’s sample than what is found on average in the global community. Other Rh− blood types were also found to be more prevalent as well, those being AB− as well as B−. We have also found that blood type A− has a higher incidence of occurrence among people experiencing contact, but our data is limited to experiencer support group polls. A general hypothesis can be made that Rh− blood types appear to be higher in the ET contact group than what exists in the general population; however, we need to keep in mind that this is an observation and should be taken in tandem with the limitations and strengths of the questionnaire used to obtain the information.

The comments that O− blood is “a new mutation of the blood types” and “only showed up between 25,000 and 40,000 years ago” were a little confusing to us. We were not able to locate any scientific references directly related to this statement outside of the ET contact or UFO community. In every instance we did come across this information, it was passed along as a statement of fact, and in many cases, it was put forth as a type of conspiracy in that the origins of type O− blood is being kept “secret” by the scientific community. We doubt all scientists are keeping this secret, but it might be a taboo subject that could be compared, for example, to that of Forbidden Archeology. Of course, anyone involved in ufology knows that secrets are being kept and governments are pretty good at keeping certain information secret to a point, so ICAR may be absolutely correct in their assessment.

From reading various forums and blogs – certainly not the best places to obtain truthful information, much less scientific information – we had the idea that the Internet chat regarding a mutation of blood types might be related to the ancestors of the current day Basque people. We suspect this is where the idea of the beginnings or mutation into the Rh− blood type originated; however, does this have anything to do with ETs in general – much less Reptilians or Reptilian Traits? Thus far, this theory only exists in specific areas of ufology-on-the-Internet. Don’t give up, because this gets even more interesting…

Continue Reading Part IV: Basque People: Okay – there’s that reference!; Do Rh-Negative Humans Display “Reptilian” Traits?; and Self-reported traits ICAR found in people with Rh– blood types

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