Dual Lifeforce Entity

A Joined Species?


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One evening in the summer of 1994, I was standing in my bedroom completely conscious, when I saw several gray figures moving in my peripheral vision. They moved quickly, were about three feet tall, and floated down the hallway leaning forward at a 45-degree angle.

I felt the familiar alien presence very strongly, although this presence was different from that of the Super Conscious Beings. When I finally went to bed, I was still sensing them.

Although I do not know I how I arrived in this place, I found myself standing in front of a large glass window inside what appeared to be a medical or scientific facility. There was a window that began at the height of my chest and went all the way up to the ceiling. The ceiling seemed higher than the standard 8 to 10-foot ceiling in a house. The wall beneath the window was solid.

On the other side of this wall and window, to my left, were what appeared to be two human female nurses who were seated. To my right was a Grey alien and a Blonde alien child. The child looked to be about three years old and was wearing pamper-like diapers. The Grey alien’s skin was a medium gray with a blue hue to it.

The Blonde child was sitting next to the Grey Being on what appeared to be a shelf or an elevated bench. I was completely aware and conscious of what I was looking at. One of the nurses said, in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, referring to the Grey,

“It won’t be alive much longer.”

I felt a great sadness for the Grey and he looked at me. The reason I was brought there was that I was supposed to witness this; and suddenly it happened:

The life force of the Grey left his body and entered the body of the Blonde alien child. The child then got off of the elevated bench and stood on the floor. He had an unusually muscular body for a child of three or four years old. The child then levitated himself and floated across the room into another room to play. He took a small ball and levitated himself up to what looked like a miniature basketball hoop and dropped the ball through the hoop.

It was obvious that I was supposed to witness this: A death followed by the transference of a life force into another living Being.

For the past two decades I have continued to reflect back on this event trying to understand what I witnessed. I have come to a tentative conclusion that this may be how some of the Greys transfer their life force after the death of their bodies.

With specific Beings, there may be an agreement between two different species to allow them to cohabit the same physical body. If this is the case, then these Beings would be considered a Joined Species.

This may help explain Joe Nyman’s Familiar Entity and Dual Reference phenomenon. More than a mere coincidence of experiencers identify with this concept, and it may be possible that I was allowed to witness this event as an important lesson. Perhaps it was something demonstrated for me personally so I could be a witness to the bonding. It may also have been orchestrated because they wanted me to share this with other experiencers to help them identify and understand some the feelings and memories they have relating to this aspect of the phenomenon. And, in this sharing, I too, have gained a better understanding of why I retain certain memories of other worlds.

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“...there may be an agreement between two different species to allow them to cohabit the same physical body. If this is the case, then these Beings would be considered a Joined Species.”
































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