No More “Alien Abductions”?

By Global ET Research

There is a push to alter public perception of the alien abduction phenomenon by changing the terminology that is used to describe ET Contact narratives. While this is helpful for Disclosure and perhaps more accurate, we should not allow this new language to lessen the impact the phenomenon has had on the lives of thousands, perhaps millions, of individuals throughout the world.

Most “alien abductees” have been around for decades and if they are still referring to themselves as such, they are not “self-described alien abductees” as debunkers and the ill informed wish the public to think of such individuals. “Alien abductee” is a term that was logically derived by researchers of the time, from face to face reports and interviews provided by people detailing apparent extraterrestrials intruding into their lives. These were, and still are, normal, everyday human beings just like you. We have met hundreds of them over the past decades. They are real people, just like you.

The trend today is to replace the term “alien abductee” with the more acceptable terms of “experiencer” and “contactee.” These may, in the long run, turn out to be more accurate terms as they apply to overall Contact and what actually occurs during the process – a 70+ year process that we are still learning much about as we approach the third decade of the western world’s Second Millennium.

Lobbyist for Exopolitical Affairs, Stephen Bassett succinctly states:

“Private persons dealing directly with extraterrestrials are ‘contactees.’ Some contactees, perhaps a majority, are ‘abductees’ taken against their will and experiencing varying levels of pain and discomfort. It is misleading, confusing and exopolitically awkward to simply refer to a person in contact with extraterrestrials as an ‘abductee.’ At this time there is no consensus term for someone having only telepathic/psychic contact, but ‘contactee’ is not an unreasonable choice.”

Readers may also view the contents of these non-fiction accounts to be in the realm of the paranormal, which used to mean “not within the range of normal experience or that which cannot be scientifically explained.” While some aspects of Contact experiences are indeed not within the range of normal experience; as you read, you will see that many of these events can be scientifically explained by advanced technology, not something magical or ghostly as the paranormal is often portrayed in most cultures.

Stephen Bassett:

“Extraterrestrials are not ‘paranormal.’ The presence of multi-life forms in the galaxy is profoundly ‘normal.’ It is not ‘paranormal’ research. Truth be told, little if anything should be assigned to the paranormal. It should be a short list, and extraterrestrials are not on that list.”


Some of the events described in these essays could only have occurred if the Beings, including some humans, have the ability to alter their physical parameters such as their frequency and/or can exist in multiple dimensions, which makes them – and perhaps humans – multiphasic, multi-dimensional beings.

Jesus is quoted as saying, “My Father’s House has Many Mansions.” This implies there is one, more simplistic house (or place) that contains a much larger, more magnificent house (or place) within. This can be applied to the Contact phenomenon. For example, this is not unlike what witnesses have described when they enter an ET craft. When they see it from the outside, it seems to be of a certain size. However, while on the inside, the craft is actually much larger than it appeared outwardly. What we see and experience in our day to day reality is quite limited as compared to what actually exists. We can only “see” these other places or realities when they enter into ours or we enter into theirs and this can be accomplished both physically and astral-spiritually. Again, there is nothing “paranormal” about this – it is simply a state of being merged with technology.

The Beings are as diverse as the Cosmos is vast. When you read these non-fiction essays detailing accounts of what we once perceived in a limited manner as “alien abductions,” you will understand that this is really about the merging of different consciousnesses and technologies, resulting in deeply personal interactions between and within realms of existence; some of which remain, at least temporarily, indefinable.

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No More “Alien Abductions”?





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