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“Now that it’s out, why shouldn’t they do this? ...You take an airplane, the cost of one military airplane. The cheapest one we have. Give that money to this research. It’s more important than one airplane. We have enough bombs and bullets to take care of us for a long time, but not enough to understand the future?” – Harry Reid


Revealing Interview with Kevin Day regarding the “Tic-Tac UFO” Incident

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Breaking News on AATIP

Nick Redfern Revisits the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit

UK Government Consistently Debunking/Denying UAPs

UFO Study Catches Attention of Congress - Finally

Senator Reid Discusses Pentagon’s UFO-UAP Study

DOD and HUD Missing Trillions: Supporting Documentation for the article below:

Trillions Spent by U.S. Government Without Accountability


Glowing Auras and Black Money, The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program

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Richard Dolan’s Interview Regarding the Claims of
Corey Goode

Important Cautions

“As Disclosure nears, during the final days of the truth embargo, there are some threads for which interested parties should be on alert. Some Cautions are:

1) some government entities may well introduce new disinformation into the web stream in order to slow things down and buy some time.

2) some supporters of the process will begin to hyperventilate and post wishful material that is exaggerated and hyper-exotic.

3) professional and amateur hoaxers will jump in with all manner of bizarre postings.

4) years of sacrifice and frustration on the part of some researchers and activists will create strong emotions and much internal tension.

5) critics of the advocacy work and research will lash out as the ground on which they have stood begins to shake.

The closer it gets, the greater the need to go Zen, stay calm and enjoy the ride.” - PRG


Artists’ Original Artwork Hijacked by Corey Goode, Gaia TV and the false SSP Narrative

Richard Dolan on The New Whistleblowers: Andy, Corey, and the Rest

Agent D of The Object Report comments on Corey Goode - Site Down Until Further Notice

Steven Greer’s View about Corey Goode and False Flags


Why Haven’t They Spoken Out? Why Are They Afriad?

“It is long past time for the political media to ask the appropriate people a plethora of questions regarding the Rockefeller Initiative. These persons would include President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, John Podesta, Secretary Leon Panetta, Governor Bill Richardson, Vice President Al Gore and Webster Hubbell. The stage has been set for this to happen.” - And now we can add former President Obama. Your Silence if Deafening.

President Obama Mentions Area 51 - Mainstream Media Ignores the Topic Again and the World Laughs at US

“Viggiani [has] made public secret files from ZNN’s Runic Archive of NORAD proving that the phenomenon of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or UAPs have ‘been discussed, analyzed, assessed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance and military authority on the planet.’ ”


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Richard Dolan

Interview Regarding Corey Goode


“… it is a secret cabal’s stranglehold on the international banking system, humankind’s failure to adopt the technology available from extraterrestrial visitors, and to apply it to the climate crisis of global warming… Most of us do not know what is going on and the problem is, what you don’t see is what you get.” Paul Hellyer Paul-Hellyer-Canadian-Minister-of-Defense-Ret.jpg

Paul Hellyer

Former Canadian Minister
of Defense



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