The Stan Romanek Files

The UFO Show Trial
(and the Intelligence Community’s Child Porn Problem)

By Global ET Research

“In 2013, a detective named Koopman arrived at Stan’s home with a search warrant, an armed SWAT Team, and 2 persons from a forensics lab. The team spent 2 1/2 hours in his home, searching. They found no evidence of what they were searching for....No disk, no jump drive, no picture, or any trace on any computer...

Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story is a highly recommended documentary you need to watch for yourself, and probably more than once, since it shows never-before-seen images related to the ET contact experience and the incredible case involving Stan, his family and his friends. Like other high profile cases, this case is not about one man. It’s about evidence of the ET presence on Earth.

Stan Romanek, the “man with the evidence,” has been on the receiving end of one of the most unprecedented attacks ever witnessed in the field of ufology. This is an attack that has been waged against Stan, his family and his co-witnesses for over four years; and in many peoples opinion, it is an insidiously “planted crime” that is normally reserved for shaming terrorists or terrorist supporters and never should have been perpetrated on a U.S. citizen. It led to a trial that has had many suspicious delays causing it to drag on much longer than most typical felony trials in the State of Colorado.

“Some” of the information that was presented in the Extraordinary documentary could have been fabricated – not by Stan so much as by others. The digitized voice conversations over the phone could have been orchestrated by an agency such as NSA. They could also have been created by others with the means and motive to do so. Another highly suspicious event involved some siding that was damaged by a bright light event and then mysteriously replaced afterward. The event was videotaped, and without a request from Stan or his landlord, Stan stumbled upon mysterious contractors replacing the siding on one side of his house. The siding company was investigated and low and behold, “no such siding company exists.” The digitized voice warning Stan of an upcoming dangerous event was more than foreboding. Attacks actually occurred: again, and again.

Stan’s case reeks of MILAB involvement at the behest of a shadow agency. It appears the attacks perpetrated against Stan were done so for psychological taunting and emotional torture; instilling fear and inflicting pain. This is a well documented MO (method of operation) by MILABs and their law enforcement and intel handlers.

Stan’s ETs

Post Abduction Body Mark - Repaired Stan's LegCertain actions by Stan’s ETs leave us suspecting these entities are using him for what appears to be a “test of disclosure,” and while doing so they took a huge gamble that resulted in Stan’s proverbial crucifixion by way of child pornography. If you want to ruin someone, especially a male, accusing them of child porn or child molestation is the way to do it. Most of the time, the accusation alone is all it takes to ruin someone’s life.

The mathematical equations, the videotapes of Stan’s sightings, the ultra smooth movements of the ET on the other side of the window, the corroborating witnesses who have come forward and have gone on the record; Stan’s refusal to back down, to shut up, to settle for a plea deal – these all lend credibility not only to the evidence he has presented, but also to his character.

So much of what Stan has been through is similar to what other experiencers we know and have read about have endured. Even the bullet whizzing by his head. Other ET experiencers have had these types of close calls with death and it can be terribly unnerving. In one instance, just a few inches closer, and we would have lost a well known experiencer and researcher due to a MILAB orchestrated “hunting accident” in the adjacent woods.


When an experiencer, especially if they’re a MILAB, tells the police or files a report, the police either do nothing or set out to harass you, via local thugs or MILABs, until you are forced to leave your home and relocate. ETs change people’s lives dramatically, but humans do so as well; near constant surveillance, electronic eavesdropping, “clean” breaking and entering, and death threats…. Think about it. How would this affect you? Could you endure these types of activities year after year?

“Clean” Breaking and Entering

“It was apparent someone wanted them to know they had been in their house. Their alarm also did not go off, which means whoever unlocked the door, either didn’t actually enter the house or knew the alarm code and were able to put the code in, carry out their nefarious business and then reset the alarm, leaving the door unlocked to make it obvious they had been there. This is a tactic which has been used in the past to attempt to dissuade and impose uncertainty and fear onto people who report on certain types of extraterrestrial activity. Some notable witnesses who have had this, and worse, activity perpetrated on them are [AJ], Debbie Jordan, Melinda Leslie and Bob Lazar, who [like Stan] unfortunately, suffered greatly by being set up with trumped-up “porno” charges and relentless debunking.” Videotaping ETs is verboten. Here is a document that you absolutely must read.

If evidence of the ET presence on Earth was not such a highly classified subject, these activities would not be happening to people like Stan and others.

This assault is not only about silencing Stan Romanek – it’s about sending a very chilling message to anyone else who might have hard evidence or is trying to obtain hard evidence of the ET presence. Stan and his wife Lisa (who has been a veritable pillar of strength) have not let their attackers silence them and for that, they should be commended.

Don’t be swayed by what’s happening to Stan – As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We urge anyone out there who has evidence of the ET presence to publish it, and if you are trying to obtain evidence, don’t stop because of what’s happening to Stan. If we all give up in fear, then the cowards who perpetrated this assault against Stan, his family and his co-witnesses, win. They don’t deserve a “win” on this so don’t stop searching for, and proving the reality of, the ET presence here on Earth. “They” are all around us and this may be as much of a test for people who are watching this case as it is for Stan and his family.

Best UFO Cases by D. ConnellyMeanwhile, theres been another delay in this case; this time it’s the sentencing phase. These planned delays in Stan’s trial are abject “insult to injury” by prolonging the outcome. So – kudos to his wife Lisa for beginning a fundraiser to raise money for an appeal. Maybe the “insiders” over at To The Stars will donate from their fast growing money pot to help Stan and his family. And, by all means, continue reading NSA’s Personal Child Porn Problem. The pull quotes and information published below will not only make your head spin, but will make you question why we don’t hear as much about these perpetrators and their known involvement with child porn as we do when it comes to regular civilians.

Remember What Trevor Said

“...I don’t believe that these guys who... say ‘let them hate as long as they fear…’ I don’t think they get to win. Right? And, I don’t think that we should have an attitude toward these agencies – I don’t think that we should live in fear of them. And, so this is why I speak about these projects in the way that I do. I’m making fun of them. I laugh about them, because I don’t think that we are going to do very well for ourselves if we participate in the culture of fear that we have towards our own civic institutions, which is ultimately what these things are.” – Trevor Paglen



Letter from the Department of the Air Force, Office of The Secretary regarding the Belgium UFO Wave, Aviation Week and Space Technology publishing an article about Edwards Air Base, Bob Lazar and Nellis, and William Cooper


UFO Air Force Doc Proves Malicious Intent

Document Credit The Elaine Douglass Files

Stan Romanek FramedNSA Silent on [Their Own] Spies’ Child Porn Problem

‘The amount of child porn I see is just unbelievable,’ Daniel Payne, the director of the Defense Security Service, said at the same conference where Ensor spoke. The DSS, which is a separate agency from the NSA, conducts background checks on prospective and current government employees. Payne has worked in intelligence and counterintelligence for 34 years, including jobs in the military and at the CIA.” - Source

NSA and CIA Work to Spread Sophisticated Spy Software

“The graphic videos believed to be retrieved by the NSA’s Tailored Access Office (TAO) secret hacking unit, which works with CIA and FBI to develop and spread sophisticated computer spy software and network spy software worldwide to conduct automatic surveillance.”

“TAO Unit reportedly infected more than 50,000 computer networks worldwide with malware designed to steal sensitive information and, last year it was revealed that the unit had intercepted Microsoft Windows crash error reports, which gave them all kinds of information about your system.”


NSA Caught Intercepting Online Purchases To Install Spy Malware

The Spy Files

“Today the government is spying on Americans in ways the founders of our country never could have imagined. The FBI, federal intelligence agencies, the militarystate and local policeprivate companies, and even firemen and emergency medical technicians are gathering incredible amounts of personal information about ordinary Americans that can be used to construct vast dossiers that can be widely shared through new institutions like Joint Terrorism Task Forcesfusion centers, and public-private partnerships.  And this surveillance often takes place in secret, with little or no oversight by the courts, by legislatures, or by the public.” - ACLU

NSA: Some Used Spying Power to Snoop on Lovers

“The National Security Agency’s internal watchdog detailed a dozen instances in the past decade in which its employees intentionally misused the agency’s surveillance power, in some cases to snoop on their love interests.” - CNN

Homeland Security Plots Ways to Spy on Americans through Social Media Surveillance

“The department has spent $3 million in taxpayer money on a one-year contract with Accenture Federal Services, the firm that is actually providing the online spyware. Calling it a “biosurveillance” pilot project, the department says it will involve automatically monitoring social media sites to collect and analyze “health-related data” in real time, according to John Matchette, the managing director for Accenture’s public safety division (no word on Matchette’s thoughts regarding the constitutionality of the program his firm will help facilitate).”

“According to the report, the software will be designed to collect health-related keywords and other information, to include medical symptoms, that show up in online postings. Machette says the data mined will be collected and analyzed in aggregate.” Natural News

Even way back in 2008 Department of Homeland Security DHS Wanted to Spy on Americans - ABC News

NSA’s Shadow Network

“In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) proposes to modify a current DHS system of records titled, “Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Customs and Border Protection—001 Alien File, Index, and National File Tracking System of Records.”

NSA’s Backdoors for Numerous Devices at Der Spiegel

“A 41-slide PowerPoint presentation obtained by the Guardian – and classified as top secret with no distribution to foreign allies – was apparently used to train intelligence operatives on the capabilities of the programme. Unlike the collection of Verizon and other phone records, Prism surveillance can include the content of communications – not just metadata.” - The Guardian


Section 702 Set to Expire at the end of 2017

“You have willingly shared information with us about the important and actionable intelligence obtained under these surveillance programs,” wrote the lawmakers, all members of the US House judiciary committee.

“Now we require your assistance in making a determination that the privacy protections in place are functioning as designed.”

They requested that Clapper provide the information about data collected under a statute, known as Section 702, by 6 May. That law, set to expire at the end of 2017, enables an internet surveillance program called Prism that was first disclosed in a series of leaks by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden some three years ago.

Prism gathers messaging data from Alphabet’s Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple [and Twitter] and other major tech companiesthat is sent to and from a foreign target under surveillance.

Homeland Security Accesses States’ Electoral Systems Without Permission

“Indiana’s Secretary of State says the federal Department of Homeland Security accessed the state’s electoral system without Indiana’s permission before and after November’s presidential election.” - Source


Georgia official accuses Department of Homeland Security of hacking attempt on State Election Systems

“They offered to provide these services, we declined it and then we determined they attempted to hack our system,” said David Dove, chief of staff and legal counsel for Kemp’s office.” Source


Fundraiser for Stan’s Appeal

By Lisa Romanek

PAYPAL Donations:

I’m adding the story behind this fund raiser so you may understand who, what, when, where and most importantly why.

Who: Stan Romanek is an ordinary man who experiences Extraordinary events. Stan is an innocent individual who has been convicted of a horrendous crime. A crime against children. Stan maintains his innocence, and his friends and family stand by his side knowing he would never harm a child, not even by looking at pictures of abuse by others.

Stan is a father, stepfather, step-Papa, husband, brother, son, friend and a lifeline of understanding & support to many people around the world.

What: It all began in Dec. 2000 when Stan witnessed and documented his first UFO. His experiences of contact with ETs/UFOs still continues just not as often. 

More....What: Over the past 17 years Stan has endured threats, physical assaults, being shot at, called a fraud and worse.

Stan has also received love, praise, thanks, respect, from around the world, and according to some a little fame. Netflix movie, EXTRAORDINARY: The Stan Romanek Story is a documentary about his life and experiences.

In 2013, a detective named Koopman arrived at Stan’s home with a search warrant, an armed SWAT Team, and 2 persons from a forensics lab. The team spent 2 1/2 hours in his home, searching. They found no evidence of what they were searching for. (What...Child Porn) No disk, no jump drive, no picture, or any trace on any computer!!!!

When: April warrant 

When: February 2014 Stan was arrested. He spent 12 hours in jail. That’s how long it takes to bail someone out.

When: 4 1/2 years after the search warrant, August 2017 Stan was found guilty of possession of CP by a 12 member jury. 

Stan does not blame the jury. They weren’t given all of the evidence in this case. They weren’t allowed to know that Det. Koopman had faced his own felony charges in 2016 for basically lying to a judge in a murder case pre-trial. He was found not guilty. However, the detective was placed on a Brady list. A list for police officers who lie in their official capacity.

No one could tell the jury about this in Stan’s trial, they didn’t know of the other cases the Det. lied in or that there were 2 civil lawsuits against the detective. 

A lot of evidence and witnesses provided for Stan’s defense was not allowed or were limited in what they could say. 

This is not how the justice system is supposed to work. Innocent people found guilty and guilty people found innocent????

Where: Loveland Colorado, Larimer County.


The reason is simple. Silence the messenger! 

Our theory is that the evidence found 10 months after the search warrant was planted. The evidence proves our theory!!! Evidence not seen by the jury! 

How: Malicious activity!!! Virus with backdoor access, a bad cop, a dark agency bent on silencing Stan, someone who simply didn’t agree with Stan’s message of the ET/UFO reality????? Who knows!?!

The end of this Story is still to be written.

On October 19, 2017 Stan will appear in court for sentencing.

[Note - this has been delayed yet again.]

Nothing can change that fact. The judge is a good judge, and Stan’s fate is in her hands. 

What can be done to finish this Story? Please share this fundraiser. Donate whatever amount you can, and assist Stan in getting an appeal. 

Justice for Stan is our mission. 

Do you Stand with Stan?

PAYPAL Donations:

Thank you, blessings, love and gratitude to you all!




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NSA Silent on [Their OWN] Spies’ Child Porn Problem

‘The amount of child porn I see is just unbelievable,’ Daniel Payne, the director of the Defense Security Service, said at the same conference where Ensor spoke. The DSS, which is a separate agency from the NSA, conducts background checks on prospective and current government employees. Payne has worked in intelligence and counterintelligence for 34 years, including jobs in the military and at the CIA.” - Source


Stan Romanek Fundraiser
for his Appeal




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