What’s Happening Here?

The Secret Space Program
“Andy, Corey and the Rest…”


I am speaking solely for myself and not on behalf of The Alien Jigsaw’s Global ET Contributors. I have been watching the “Andy, Corey and the Rest…*” Secret Space Program activity over the past year or so. Because of my ET experiences and MILAB interactions, and the fact that people have asked for my opinion about this, I feel somewhat obligated to offer a statement about what my instincts are telling me regarding the messaging of this alternative SSP narrative.

Three Possibilities

(1) These individuals are unwittingly being used by certain ETs and/or MILAB handlers to put forth a specific storyline;

(2) They are telling their story as honestly as they can, while certain information is being hyped, marketed and distorted by third party intel and/or commercial interests, which is having the effect of discrediting the more realistic narrative of the secret space program;

(3) They are actors for the intelligence community tasked with keeping the SSP in the realm of the “unbelievable.” Having said that, I cannot believe that some of the researchers involved in this would knowingly participate in a disinformation campaign, and I believe that, for reasons we may never know, they have somehow been convinced this new SSP narrative is factual.

The SSP is Real

Of course, there is a second, more secretive space program in existence. Anyone who has seriously studied NASA, DARPA and our aerospace industry has to know that we are capable of so much more than what these organizations have put forth as their accomplishments. Is this a logical place to search for the trillions of dollars that are “missing” from the Pentagon’s budget? You bet. The money is going somewhere and if it were going into people’s bank accounts, the GAO, IRS, and possibly some investigative journalists would have probably located it by now. The SSP is a logical place to “lose” trillions of dollars.

I’m not here to judge another person’s experiences, only to offer some personal insight. I view portions of the “Andy, Corey and the Rest…” SSP narrative as a mid-level, black-ops, targeting researchers who, through bonafide research, convincingly brought forth the idea that there is a second, secretive U.S. backed space program in existence.

Also being targeted, and this is especially important, are experiencers who have seen portions of this operation themselves. Some of them do not realize they have seen it. Others know, but will not speak or write publicly about it. I hope I’m wrong, but the more the notion of the SSP is discredited, the less likely others who have experienced the real thing will come forward, and that is most likely the focus of this particular operation.

Each of these ideas can be taken a few levels deeper if one addresses specific claims that have been made, especially the possibility of this being a very dark MILAB-ops being perpetrated against Corey. If Corey is a willing participant in this narrative then he is a lot safer being on the inside of a disinformation campaign than he would be if he is a MILAB pawn. Either way, I fear this is not going to go well for him. He has a wife and children and one does not make the ultimate sacrifice unless (1) you believe in this cause more than your loved one’s lives (2) you are working for, and are being protected by, someone or some group.

Yes, some ET experiencers have seen portions of what they consider to be a fully functional “other” space program. There is nothing new about these reports – they date back to at least the 1980’s. I would also add that there’s no other logical explanation to account for certain types of craft we have seen and the combination of humans, many times wearing military uniforms, flight suits, medical and scientific attire, working alongside certain types of extraterrestrials. Can all of these humans be hybrids? I have interacted with these beings and their technology for most of my life and my answer to that question is: I seriously doubt that they are all hybrids.

So, of course, some of what “Andy, Corey and the Rest…” have spoken about has been witnessed by other experiencers; but many other aspects to this story escape me. Although I can find some commonalities with the SSP story in general terms, I have many more questions, not the least of which are (1) “a child slave colony on Mars.” How much physical work can you get out of a child’s physique? (2) seeing a “mass open grave full of bodies all wearing blue.” Were these humans? Children? Hybrids? ETs? 20-and-backs who didn’t cut the program? and (3) the fact that President Obama was part of a 20-and-back time travel program. Consider his age. If Obama was part of this program, he would not have had the physical, cognitive and emotional endurance to make two successful runs as President. If he really went through this program, we would have never known him as President. We might have known him as ‘whistleblower,’ or more likely, we would never have known him at all. I was also at a loss for words when at the end of one of Corey’s Q&A’s, he alluded to the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a clone. I would have been just as incredulous if he had alluded to the fact that President Trump is a clone.

Distract, Disrupt, Destroy

On the topic of researchers and educators who are informed and are making a positive impact regarding the phenomenon, including the SSP: There is an old saying in ufology: the more credibility or evidence one has, the more likely they are to be the target of black-ops and milab-ops. And, MILABs are not the cut-and-dry “military personnel reabducting abductees” that we’ve been led to believe. There is much, much more going on in that realm. It is imperative to keep in mind that the main objectives of those who wish to keep this program secret and out of the public domain are to: (1) Distract (2) Disrupt and (3) Destroy

We’ve had the distraction now for a few years. We are now in the Disruption phase of the operation. When they move to the Destruction phase, people will be taken down – and hard. In the public’s eye, the SSP will likely go down with them, if it hasn’t already due to the “child slave colony on Mars” and the Obama time travel debacle making it mainstream.

Read how this is conceptualized and then take a look at what is happening, once again, to ufology. It’s an old story. A few examples of low to mid-level operations such as this are the Guardian case, the Alien Autopsy film and SERPO. Tactics such as these have been used against people and organizations investigating this subject for decades. And this is what humans do. Imagine the power of telepathic beings? Using their technology and/or telepathic prowess, through screen imagery and camouflage, they can make you see them as owls, deer, raccoons, opossums, turtles that stand upright, and even blue bird beings. They can also make you see them as other humans, and they have a special fondness for using images of famous people, such as Obama. I know this because I’ve experienced it.

Blue Avians

Regarding blue bird beings or blue avians: In the 30 years I’ve been reading about and interviewing others about their encounters, no one has ever said the ETs they saw had feathers and looked like birds. There is a high probability that if Corey is really being taken by ETs, his ETs want him to see them as birds using screen imagery and other camouflage techniques; but we need to ask why and why after all of this time, can’t he see beyond their deception? Of course, if they really are bird beings, then this would mean there is a new species of ETs coming to Earth and abducting people, just like all the other species. This does not make them special. Their actions are no different than what we’ve heard about for the past 70 years or more. They want their chosen subjects to feel “special” and Corey is their new “messiah.” Thanks to Gaia, he has a “following” and a “new” message is being dispersed via the Internet.

We’ve seen this before. Does anyone remember the Verdants who chose to abduct a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist as their messenger? It turned out that everything they told him was a lie. But, he had a following and everyone waited in anticipation for his ET driven timeline to arrive. It never did. In my opinion, this poor man was “milabed,” drugged and fed the story of a lifetime, which he published in The Contact Has Begun. More recently is the narrative of Tom Moore. Nothing Moore “channeled” and published in his ET Conversations book came true either.  Moore and the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist aren’t bad people – they were just used to spread yet another lie regarding ET contact.

Time will flesh this out. It always does. People will either choose to believe or not. In the end, like the Gulf Breeze Sightings, the Pascagoula Case, the Phoenix Lights, the Stephenville Sightings…. the ill-informed people who choose to remain unaware, will remember the “cardboard UFO,” “two drunk guys on a boat,” “Air Force flares,” “the (name your DIA sanctioned delusion that was spooky enough to get a President of the United States to leave his beloved ranch and move to ... gulp… a Dallas suburb).

Understand this: The facts we have regarding ET Contact are disturbing enough as they are. There is no need to sensationalize this phenomenon, and shame on anyone who does. © AJ

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Where, Oh Where, Did The Verdant’s Go?

By Global ET Research

The Verdant’s Predictive Timeline for Earth

Excerpted from The Contact Has Begun, by Phillip Krapf (A Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist) Pages 141-142:

1998 - “The publication of the book,” the alleged white paper, The Contact Has Begun;

Yes, the book was published.

2002 - The public admission by the pre-chosen and “very special people,” the Ambassadors - that “they, too, were involved with extraterrestrials;”

2003 - “The briefing by the Ambassadors of the world leaders;”

2004 - “The occurrence of several spectacular events that could only be of extraterrestrial origin to erase any lingering doubt;”

2005 - “The rise of the new city of Genesis in the American Southwest;” and, “The actual summit conference;”

2005 - 2008 - “The preparatory orientation, education and indoctrination sessions with human representatives;”

2009 - “Humankind’s eventual admission into the Intergalactic Federations of Sovereign Planets;”

2010 - “Humankind’s venture into interstellar travel by the year 2010 at the latest.”

“...There will [also] be religion stories featuring interviews with the major spiritual leaders of the world. There will be feature stories involving the reactions of the average person on the street, of psychologists, and of UFO cultists.” [pg. 143]

Krapf’s favorite phrase throughout his book for ufologists and people experiencing Contact is “UFO cultists.”

There have been next to none, if any, interviews with religious leaders of the world although in May of 2008, the Vatican did announce, through astronomer Father Gabriel Funes, that “intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.”

To Recap: Everything the “Verdants” told Phillip Krapf was a lie. Either that, or everything Phillip Krapf wrote in his book, The Contact Has Begun, was a lie.


Antura - Where Are You?

By Global ET Research

Exerpted from ET Conversations by Tom Moore

Tom Moore’s conversations with Antura [his alien contact via channeling] have led him to the understanding that he,

“has been chosen to be one of 12 Grassroots Contactees who will actively participate in our planet’s first open Contact beginning in the warmer months of the northern hemisphere in 2015.”

“The process of Contact will begin in 2015 and will likely be complete in 2025…”

Ed. Note: One can clearly see how the date for open Contact keeps getting pushed back. If you keep doing this, entire generations of humans can die off and they can start their program of lying all over again. This is what they have always done, and no doubt will continue to do.

Antura hints at their technology by sharing certain concepts and their way of living, but he is prohibited from spelling things out, because our Human scientists are supposed to create and invent our own technology. The idea that Humans have to work things out on our own is paramount to their belief that Humans are,

“a special experiment and are veiled from certain types of knowledge, especially technology.”

Not exactly a prediction, but we’ve heard about this “prime directive” before, and it appears to be total B.S.

Moore asks Antura what humans will be able to contribute to the “Alien Federation” and this is what he is told:

“…humans have made much progress in an area that everyone else has failed at – working with negativity.…you will introduce games and small amounts of negativity, as you have already been told, that will cause all of the societies you encounter to begin growth again. You will be the catalysts of the universe.”

In essence then, we are told that all these other Beings out there, and the Universe in general, are stagnant and boring so they need “negativity” in order to bring some excitement to their existence… ?

Antura’s Directives are Even Better. Here are two of them:

Earth Directive One: “There shall be no more abductions of Earth people for any experiments.”

Oops. Wrong again…still happening…

Earth Directive Two: “There shall be no assistance given regarding inventions without Federation approval.”

Okay, so we have been given “invention” information. Is that how our Secret Space Program got built?

Which one? Richard Dolan’s or Corey Goode’s?

Formal public Contact with Humans in 2015 will involve different types of Extraterrestrials. First, we will be formerly introduced to the Pleiadians because they are,

“the most Human-like of all the Extraterrestrials who make up the Federation of beings who wish to participate in humanity’s unveiling and transition to a higher…”

You get the picture. Of course, this didn’t happen either.

“After the Pleiadians make contact…. The Zetas will apologize profusely for their abductions of Humans and will ‘…trot out the hybrids to show the success of the project.’ ”

Okay… so 2015 came and went without the Pleiadians making contact with ‘humanity’ so we guess this means there will be no Zetas and hybrid ‘tots’ arriving either?

After these initial three to four introductions of specific Federation members to Humans,

“Antura’s Species – the Sirians – will arrive approximately two to three years later.”

Antura, you never showed up in 2015, like you said you would. The Pleiadians never showed up. The Zetas never showed up. The hybrid ‘tots’ never showed up.

As it stood in 2013, “Russia” was seen as,

“the government that will publicly admit to the ET presence revealing what it knows about certain species from the Soviet Government’s past involvement with extraterrestrials.”

As of 2017, Russia hasn’t admitted to anything, including hacking a general election.

“The United States will continue to be one of the countries that will sit back and take a ‘wait and see attitude’ to open Contact.”

Of course. As with everything else related to ET, the NSA will only admit to “No Such Aliens” exist.

According to Antura,

“the United States will not admit to the extraterrestrial presence until they are forced to do so by the arrival of the Pleiadians in 2015.”

This didn’t happen.

“If all goes as scheduled, approximately 850 beings will be on the mother ship with the Sirians when they arrive in 2017.”

It didn’t happen... and it’s now 2018...

As one can see, metaphysical constructs such as channeling add a lot more disinformation into the mix. And, we’re more than willing to reevaluate the “messages” physical ETs have given people. Now there is yet another narrative being spoon fed across the Internet. The birds are speaking again...Doesn’t anyone else remember the Aviary?


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