Deliberate Deception
A Case of Disinformation
in the UFO Research Community

Part II

By Peter Robbins

Reviewed by Global ET Research


Global ET Researchers read Deliberate Deception in one sitting because we simply couldn’t put it down. We found ourselves perplexed by the manner in which Peter Robbins and Larry Warren have been treated over the past 17 years since the publication of their research in Left at East Gate. This is not to put all the blame solely on Nick Pope by any means; however, this recent treatment is troubling due to the mutually respectful history between Peter Robbins and Nick Pope.

What is also troubling about Encounter in Rendlesham Forest is the fact that their publishing company’s editors apparently did not concern themselves with fact checking or including proper credits for the information upon which this book is based. This is an oversight which Peter Robbins touches upon throughout Deliberate Deception. Indeed, in Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, we only came across three pages mentioning Larry Warren and none really that mentioned Peter Robbins.

The further into Deliberate Deception one reads, the more one notices a disturbing pattern of reporting events that are, as Robbins states, akin to “rewriting history by omission of key facts and key personnel.” Robbins clearly demonstrates to the reader how entirely different conclusions regarding one of the world’s most important events involving contact with “the other” were crafted in Encounter in Rendlesham Forest. This reference to “the other,” refers to that which many – including Global ET Research believe are extraterrestrial in nature.

Explosive New Information

There was much anticipation regarding the publication of Encounter in Rendlesham Forest in that Penniston and Burroughs had been promising explosive new information regarding the case which no one had ever heard before. When the new information is finally conveyed, Robbins points out that it isn’t really all that new. Furthermore, Robbins states that it is written by Nick Pope and we never get to hear directly from two of the main witnesses, Jim Penniston and John Burroughs.

Peter Robbins:

“In 2010, ufology was introduced to a seemingly new fantastic revelation regarding the moment Penniston touched the craft, but missing is exactly where and when the alleged binary code was down-loaded into Penniston’s mind” and according to Robbins, “…when we finally do encounter the binary code in the second to last chapter, it is more with a whimper than a bang.”

“I was surprised at how disappointing it was to finally read Penniston and Burroughs’ long-awaited account, this only because – with the exception of a number of quotations and statements from the experiencers, it is told entirely by Nick Pope…[which reads] devoid of any real feeling or vitality….it is missing the heart, tension and the ‘in-the-moment’ quality that can make reading a compelling first-person account so rewarding.”

MILAB Tactics

According to their commanding officer Colonel Charles Halt, Penniston and Burroughs were subjected to intense debriefings after they reported the event involving the craft. Their “debriefings” were not dissimilar from what MILABs (an acronym for “military abductions of alien abductees.” Abductees who, after their ET encounters, are then picked up in one fashion or another by military and/or other government types and are drugged and “debriefed” about their encounters.) As the story goes, Penniston and Burroughs “…were taken by the Office of Special Investigation or OSI [ AFOSI ] and ‘debriefed’ with injected drugs and hypnotized by Special Agents.”

With the passage of nearly two decades, we may never be certain of what really happened; however, Robbins remains firmly convinced something more occurred to these two witnesses. More disturbing is the role Charles Halt has played over the years. Robbins writes that Halt was,

“…in the unique position of being both witness/victim and manipulator, especially with regard to the influence he had over Jim and John for most of their adult lives – and in this respect he has successfully played the pair off and against [Larry] Warren for several decades now. It’s both interesting and depressing and not without some irony, to observe that the kind of critical undermining which Halt has used against Warren for so long, he now applies to undermining the credibility of Burroughs and Penniston. Oh what a tangled web we weave.”

Indeed, a tangled web. How many times have we witnessed similar events occurring within the UFO community? This is SOP, standard operating procedure for intelligence agencies, especially involving potentially explosive events concerning extraterrestrial contact. And, this contact is occurring right under the noses of these agencies. Why not simply call them what that are? They are MILABs and they are perpetrated on people who have interacted with Extraterrestrials and remember too much about those contacts. They also entail much more than a mere debriefing, but those details can be read elsewhere.

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“Penniston and Burroughs wanted and deserved the opportunity to tell their story... After so many years, we can understand how deeply they longed to be heard.” Pope-Burroughs-Penniston-Citizens-Hearing.jpg

Nick Pope, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston

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“At the time of the events in question, [Penniston] was an earnest, patriotic, twenty-something, go-by-the-regs U.S. Air Force Sergeant and a proud member of his base’s Law Enforcement Police. Jim went on to serve in Operation Desert Storm, provide security for heads of state and general officers, be selected to write counterterrorism, security, defense, and contingency plans for the Air Force as well as some of America’s closest allies, and even to acquire a NATO Top Secret clearance. We are not talking about some uninformed oddball or mystic here, anything but.” – Peter Robbins MILABs-alien-abduction.jpg

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