Deliberate Deception
A Case of Disinformation
in the UFO Research Community

Part III

By Peter Robbins

Reviewed by Global ET Research


The Vetting Process

There’s more to say about Deliberate Deception and this leads us to the vetting process and how much information is really missing/redacted from Encounter in Rendlesham Forest. Robbins does an excellent job of explaining all of this. Here, according to Peter Robbins, are examples of what’s missing from Encounter in Rendlesham Forest:

(1) Missing citations regarding the nuclear weapons which were stored at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in violation of UK/US treaty obligations at the time; the reason Larry Warren broke his security oath – because he “felt it was more important that the people of the United Kingdom and the United States be aware of a potentially cataclysmic treaty violation,” as well as the ramifications suffered by Warren in the aftermath. Ramifications he is still living with today.

(2) The truth about how “the Halt tape” first made it into public domain. “It is in fact a segment of a longer recording the officer made that night but has never been released to the public, something Larry and [Peter Robbins] learned from Charles Halt himself.

(3) No source or origin for the “nonexistent details” regarding the “beings” Larry reported seeing which “were inside, and not on the exterior of the craft and that during the incident other lights were observed…”

(4) Ronnie Dugdale and Adrian Bustinza’s exchange…. “OK I will say this YES, YES, Larry was there!!! But so was John [Burroughs] and the rest of the guys…”

(5) Nick Pope’s obvious and continued contempt for Larry Warren…

(6) Nick Pope’s omission of more citations including the suicide of Larry Warren’s roommate nicknamed “Alabama.”

(7) Quote from the Pope, Penniston, Burroughs book: “Over the years, as bits and pieces of the Rendlesham story came to light….”

Larry Warren and Peter Robbins’ Left at East Gate is characterized as “Bits and pieces”...? Yikes!

Our Completely Valid and Amazing New Theory

We have a theory about what has happened here. Nick Pope wrote a glowing cover piece for the Warren-Robbins original book and we know he read it. Nick Pope is an admirable and truthful person who, as we stated before, has had a long an amicable friendship with one of the coauthors of Left At East Gate, that being Peter Robbins. The only logical explanation we can come up with to explain what has occurred is, Nick Pope did in fact include footnotes documenting all of the original research Larry Warren and Peter Robbins conducted and published. However, because Encounter in Rendlesham Forest was submitted to vetting by two different country’s governments – UK and US – somewhere along the way, the Warren-Robbins Left At East Gate must have been deemed a “classified document” and therefore, any and all references to it had to be redacted from the new book for national security reasons. Quick! Call Greenewald at The Black Vault and start filing those FOIAs!


If you’ve been in this field for any length of time whatsoever, you will recall the decades and the thousands of hours taken from individual researchers’ lives that were spent trying to determine the authenticity of the MJ-12 documents. Regarding the binary code and its hidden message for mankind, we need to consider – and very seriously so – that the binary code which Jim Penniston felt was downloaded into his mind may have been information that was implanted there – not by other intelligences or time traveling humans from the future, but by humans from Planet AFOSI.

Peter Robbins gives Penniston the benefit of the doubt and quotes him as saying, “Any inconsistencies in my account can easily be attributed to the meddling of the inept debriefing and the drug-induced attempted extraction of information by U.S. agents at the AFOSI building, or quite possibly the phenomenon itself. The other factor is simply my state of mind at the time of the incident” to which Robbins writes, “Fair enough.”

“At the time of the events in question, [Penniston] was an earnest, patriotic, twenty-something, go-by-the-regs U.S. Air Force Sergeant and a proud member of his base’s Law Enforcement Police. Jim went on to serve in Operation Desert Storm, provide security for heads of state and general officers, be selected to write counterterrorism, security, defense, and contingency plans for the Air Force as well as some of America’s closest allies, and even to acquire a NATO Top Secret clearance. We are not talking about some uninformed oddball or mystic here, anything but.”

Continue Reading Part IV: Time Traveling Humans and Manchurian Candidate Style “Triggers.”

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Peter Robbins and Larry Warren

Liverpool, Exopolitics Conference, 2009

Honor in a military context is not just something that consists of always and only following the official orders you are given in the military, whether you wear the uniform of your country or a business suit…. Larry-Warren-Capel-Green-1998.jpg

Larry Warren, Capel Green 1998

...Honor is also having the courage and clear sense of right and wrong to know that you are willing to put your life, safety, peace of mind and future squarely on the line to fight against a wrong of such significant consequence that you know no amount of going by the book will ever solve it or make it go away. And in this respect Larry Warren is one of the most honorable men I ever hope to meet.” – Peter Robbins, from Deliberate Deception
























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