Deliberate Deception
A Case of Disinformation
in the UFO Research Community

Part IV

By Peter Robbins

Reviewed by Global ET Research


Time Traveling Humans

Robbins’ analysis of why and by whom the code was placed in Penniston’s mind is thorough and thoughtful. He recognizes the pain and confusion and vulnerability of Penniston and is cautious about how he words his discussion. We are also promised in the Pope-Penniston-Burroughs account that more information will be coming in another book. Quoting Robbins:

“Penniston simply ‘knew’ that the time traveler explanation was ‘the’ empirical, factual answer to the question” regarding the binary code message. And, this is what Robbins and others feel may be inaccurate, and he asks:

“Isn’t there a stronger likelihood the source of Jim Penniston’s simultaneous confusion, doubt and certainty is very much within our own time frame and of decidedly earthly origin?”

Due to Global ET Research’s extensive knowledge of both extraterrestrial abductions and visitations as well as MILABs or “military” debriefings via abduction, we suspect there is a high probability this story and the code will continue to evolve through no conscious fault of Penniston, but rather due to the AFOSI’s actions and individuals and researchers too eager to hypnotize Penniston and morph this case into what they want it to be as opposed to what it really is.

It is clear, from what we have read concerning this case, that Penniston has been deeply affected on a subconscious level, thus his deep desire to determine what the message, if there was indeed a message, means for humanity. If there was a message in all of this, we suspect the message was probably very personal and solely for Penniston. Since we’ve seen this type of “message for humanity” theme over and over again in ET contact cases, we suspect the binary code was and is in fact, nothing more than a proverbial red herring implanted in Penniston’s mind to send him and investigators on a “wild goose chase.” Whether this message was implanted by extraterrestrials or by humans through drug induced “debriefings” conducted by AFOSI, we may never know for certain. That is simply a fact we must accept: Penniston may never know and therefore, we may never know.

These messages for humanity and consciousness induced riddles (normally unsolvable and/or meaningless) are commonplace tactics that are used on many people who have had contact, i.e., abductions. They are often perpetrated by extraterrestrial beings and during the MILAB process – it is a repetitive and disturbing tactic.

Manchurian Candidate Style “Triggers”

Regarding the binary code, we are told to expect new information and even “Manchurian Candidate style” triggers that may occur in the future. Robbins provides an overview of Burroughs’ writing on this topic on his facebook page which you must read to gain full appreciation for. In response, Robbins writes: “Whew. Fairly dazzling stuff, and a confirmation that a new book is in the works from John Burroughs and possible coauthor(s) on the Rendlesham Forest incident and the binary code.”

We hope Penniston will be extremely cautious and protective of himself and his memories as he continues to search for the truth about what happened during that three day time period in Rendlesham Forest. He – indeed anyone who has endured drug induced interrogations and their aftermath knows how damaging this type of torture is, for that is exactly what it is: a form of torture. Penniston has been damaged, and he continues to be treated unfairly by the military establishment via denied access to his own military medical records.

The “Message for Humanity” directive is one of the most life-consuming and potentially damaging that can be forced upon or “downloaded into” the human consciousness. Many researchers in this field recognize the message theme for what it is. Others ridicule sincere people who have had messages imposed into their consciousness while still others build cult like groups around their messages. It is time we see these types of operations, whether they are by extraterrestrials or psyops agencies such as OSI, for what they are.

Peter Robbins wraps up Deliberate Deception by making a convincing case about how Nick Pope (and we really we hope it was his handlers against his wishes) took “incomplete, and as a result, misleading pieces of information from the book, Left At East Gate,” and “didn’t credit the book” as his source. Robbins provides this information in an easy to understand, quick-read list of 10 items. Robbins has also published a 10-part appendix consisting of maps, documents, letters and papers; drawings and diagrams; book reviews; the 1997 press and UK book tour papers, Larry Warren’s snapshots taken from 1980 through 1981 (there’s a revelation there!); RAF Bentwaters; selected locations of Rendlesham Forest; views from Suffolk; and the final appendix titled “Robbins, Warren and Company.”

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