Deliberate Deception
A Case of Disinformation
in the UFO Research Community

Part V

By Peter Robbins

Reviewed by Global ET Research



Global ET Research found Colin Andrews’ Epilogue distressing. We were not aware that this seminal and highly respected crop circle researcher had been treated in the same manner as Warren and Robbins. Deliberate Deception is certain to teach a new generation about the tactics the intelligence community continues to use within the UFO community, in addition to many other things. This is imperative, in our opinion, due to the number of reviews published on Amazon by people who are apparently completely unaware of any past research into this case. Additionally, as of January 2015, Wikipedia’s Rendlesham Forest Incident page doesn’t mention Left At East Gate or Peter Robbins in its reference section. (Gee, we wonder who edited that page?)

We, of course, highly recommend Deliberate Deception for all the obvious reasons. Even if you haven’t read Left At East Gate, this free e-book available as a download from Phenomena Magazine will provide you with an excellent background on the incredible events that occurred in Rendlesham Forest and the nearby UK-US jointly operated military installations, RAF-Bentwaters. We also encourage you to read Encounter in Rendlesham Forest and make up your own mind about this case.

Nuclear munitions, PsyOps and ET visitations? It’s an explosive combination no matter how you look at it. Frankly, we’re amazed that nothing worse occurred at RAF-Bentwaters and in the Rendlesham Forest. Oh wait – maybe it did! Perhaps it is those events that explain why Penniston was subjected to such severe PsyOps / MILAB tactics and why Encounter at Rendlesham Forest was published.

Nick Pope’s Endorsement for Warren and Robbins

We close this overview with Nick Pope’s endorsement for Larry Warren and Peter Robbins’ book, Left At East Gate. Penniston and Burroughs wanted and deserved the opportunity to tell their story and we are glad they were given that opportunity. After so many years, we can understand how deeply they longed to be heard.

“Larry Warren and Peter Robbins have done an excellent job in blowing the lid off a UFO case that could be bigger and more sinister than Roswell. There is so much in this book that will make you angry, and rightly so. It raises serious questions about just how far certain people will go to prevent the truth about UFOs ever becoming public knowledge. This book is meticulously researched, griping, provocative, and will undoubtedly lead to some long overdue questions being asked at the highest levels. This is a sensational book, and no matter what the skeptics and debunkers may try, this story is not going to go away.” – Nick Pope

Peter Robbins,

 “Seventeen years later and the skeptics, debunkers, and others are still trying.”


Peter Robbins’ Biography

Peter Robbins is an investigative writer, author and lecturer best known for his UFO related papers, columns, articles, editorials, commentaries, lectures and media appearances. He is a regular fixture on radio and has appeared as a guest on and has been consultant to numerous television shows and documentaries.

Robbins’ background is fairly nonstandard for his chosen field. He was born in New York City and studied art, design and theater at University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, receiving his BFA (painting, film history) from New York City’s School of Visual Arts (SVA). He taught painting at SVA in their Department of Continuing Education for more than a dozen years, was a member of the art faculties of St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn Heights and the Oklahoma Council on the Arts ‘Arts Encounters’ program. Following graduation from SVA, Peter joined the Norwegian Merchant Marine and for a time worked on a freighter as a common seaman. During the years following he was studio assistant to the world-famous abstract expressionist painter Adolph Gotlieb and to the American primitive painter William Cply. He was also assistant to pioneer kinetic light sculptor Stanley Landsman. Robbins also worked as a framing carpenter, interior demolition specialist, art gallery assistant, copy writer, editor, and House Manager for New York City’s distinguished Mirror Repertory Company. From 1988 until 1994 Peter was a crisis intervention volunteer for the Samaritans International. He has traveled in approximately thirty countries, is an experienced New York City tour guide, and an accomplished photographer.

He is also co-author, along with Larry Warren, of the highly acclaimed British bestseller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation. In May 2014 he published Deception, An investigation and analysis of a serious disinformation operation in contemporary ufology. The book is available at no cost from the author.

Venues Robbins has spoken at include:

The National Press Club in Washington D.C.; Manhattan’s Julliard School and the School of Visual Arts, Boston’s Cambridge Hospital at the invitation of Dr. John Mack, co-founder of the hospital’s Psychiatric Wing, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Harvard Professor of Psychiatry; Cornell University; New York City’s Julliard School; University of Arkansas; Niagara County Community College, Buffalo, NY; Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI; Fund For UFO Research, MD; New York Open Center; FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) Conference, NYC; Rotary Club, Bronxville, NY; Main Branch, Philadelphia Central Library; Roswell NM Public Library, and the Swan Public Library in Albion NY. In the United Kingdom: The Royal College of Science and Technology, London; University of Cardiff, Wales; University of Hallam, Sheffield; University of Leeds, Yorkshire; The Summerhill School in Suffolk East Anglia; The Rendlesham UFO Incident 30thAnniversary Conference, Woodbridge Suffolk; Quest International Conferences, Leeds; East Midlands UFO Research Conference, Nottingham UK; Annual Conference of The Centre For Fortean Zoology, Devon; Beyond Knowledge Conference, Liverpool UK; UFO Truth Magazine Conference 2014, Yorkshire, UK; Annual regional BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) Conferences, and a fifteen-city book tour of the UK.

Other non academic sponsors and conferences include:

X-Conferences, Washington, D.C.; UFO Reykawvik Summit, Lawrence, KS; Annual International UFO Congresses, Phoenix AZ; Annual MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) International Symposiums; Exeter New Hampshire UFO Conferences; Intruders Foundation conferences and seminars, New York City; Bay Area UFO Expo(s), Santa Clara, CA; Annual Omega Communications UFO Conferences, North Haven, CT; McMinnville UFO Conferences, McMinnville OR; Crash/Retrieval UFO Conference, Las Vegas, NV; First World UFO Congress, Trenton, NJ; The Gulf Coast UFO Conference, Gulf Breeze, FL; The Biloxi UFO Conference, Biloxi, MS; Metaphysical Center of New Jersey, Bloomington, NJ; CIRAEP (Council of Investigation and Research on Aerial/Earth Phenomena) UFO Phenomena Conference, Philadelphia; Fortean Research Center, Lincoln, NE; Scientific Bureau of Investigation UFO Symposium, Albany, NY; the Long Island UFO Network UFO Conference, Center Moriches, LI, NY; Experiencers Speak Conference, Gorham and Portland Maine, and The National Conference of The UFO Organization of Japan, Tokyo, and a 2013 three city speaking tour of France. In October 2013 he presented three papers at an International Conference on the Scientific Discoveries of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in Rome.


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