Videotaping Alien Beings

The 1995 Experiment

Time Invested = 62 Hours

Part I

By Global ET Research

A MUFON State Section Director we’ll refer to as John, came up with the idea and had the enthusiasm to persuade two thoroughly vetted and researched Abductee-Experiencers (henceforth AEs) to agree to have a video camera placed in their bedroom at night. The reason: To attempt to film an “alien abduction.”

John, an engineer with a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a trusted friend of the AEs, located the appropriate camera and purchased the equipment for the AEs’ use. John and the AEs agreed that they would use a code name when the project was brought up during any phone conversations and they would only tell one other MUFON investigator about their plans. The premise was; if there were in fact “agencies” listening in on certain individual’s telephone conversations, they wanted to eliminate the possibility of drawing any undue interest in their project, especially since this AE family was experiencing unusual problems with their phone.

Monitoring by an “Outside Source”

The unusual phone problems consisted of echoing sounds during conversations, soft to loud clicking sounds, and a soft clicking sound after saying “hello” or the first few words of a greeting. In addition, there was also a second hang-up clicking sound after the person the AE family was speaking to would hang up. The AE family had the phone company look into these anomalies and one operator told them that she, too, could hear the clicking sounds. Because of their complaints the phone company sent a technician to their house three times, but there was never anything wrong with the lines inside or outside of their home. They also had a technician from their alarm company check their equipment. Not only did they tell the family they didn’t know what was causing the problem, they also said they had never encountered a problem like it before. This unusual problem persisted each time the family used either of their two phones. The only explanation was that some type of automatic “tap” had been placed on their phone numbers. Another curious fact is this AE family did not have these problems until they went public with their ET contacts.

We now know for a fact that this AE family was being monitored in 1995 and this monitoring is continuing due to ongoing ET contact. As most people involved in this type of work know, this is nothing new in the field of ufology. With the passage of 20 years and the publication of books such as James Bamford’s The Shadow Factory and Glenn Greenwald’s No Place to Hide, and of course Edward Snowden’s revelations, we also know that millions of other people’s communications are being continuously monitored as well, but for differing reasons.


John, the MUFON SSD/field investigator, purchased a sub-miniature, single board (one inch by one inch) CCD low-light security camera with audio. [Remember folks, this was way back in 1995.] He ingeniously placed the small camera in a hidden location in the AEs’ bedroom. From the position of the camera, the angle was broad enough to cover about one foot on either side of their double bed, the footboard, and all the way up to the ceiling. A VCR was placed underneath the bureau with a neutral colored towel placed over it at night to dim the lights on the VCR. The camera was a black-and-white, and the test tape showed that one 4-watt night-light was enough to light the room for easy viewing.

An 8-hour video tape was used each night, and each morning the tape was viewed on fast forward. This took approximately five minutes per one hour of real time. For example, if the AEs slept a seven hour night it took at a minimum, 35 minutes to view the tape the following day. This was the most tedious part of the project, but also the most important. Due to the extraterrestrials’ telepathic prowess, it is believed these beings know everything we know, therefore, nothing was left to chance. The tape was viewed each day whether or not the AEs suspected or remembered an event occurring the night before. The tape project ran for 61 days; from April 9, until June 7, 1995.

To protect their privacy, we will refer to the two AEs involved in this experiment as AE-1 and AE-2. Neither AE remembered anything unusual occurring during the first nine days of the taping project. It was on the tenth day, on April, 18, 1995 when both AEs awakened experiencing symptomatology of an “alien abduction.”

When the tape was viewed, it showed only a blue screen. When the tape was fast forwarded it still only showed a blue screen. An equipment check was made and everything was found to be in working order. The AEs were careful not to move anything and no loose connections were discovered. The tape was placed back into the VCR and a recording of a minute or so was made to see if everything was working. When viewed again, the practice recording session taped normally. The tape and the camera were working fine, just as was suspected. Again, there was no equipment failure, but something affected the camera and/or VCR and interfered with the videotaping process, i.e., the signal between the camera and the VCR had somehow been interrupted.

The Primate Experiment

Viewing the recordings from April 19 through April 27, 1995 demonstrated neither activity nor anomalies on the recordings; neither was there ET activity or symptomatology of “alien abduction.”

On April 28, 1995 a blue screen was detected once again. The AEs stated they felt “the aliens’ presence once again” and that one of their pets that slept in the same room had vomited during the night. There was a feeling of a “mental telepathic probing” and AE-2 stated they felt “a very strong feeling involving a deep connection with someone.” [1]

AE-2 said they remembered facing a glass wall, behind which stood several nonhuman beings, but they could not make them out with 100% accuracy. They felt the beings probing their mind and believed it to be for purposes of reading and experiencing their emotions about what they were seeing.

The nonhuman beings were approximately twenty feet away from AE-2 and between them, the glass wall and AE-2, was a primate holding a small infant that appeared to be of the same species. The primate was described as being three feet tall, female and had her infant clinging to her waist. The apparent mother primate was holding her baby with her left arm and hand, and AE-2 could see they were both clearly terrified of the nonhuman appearing beings.

The mother primate was described as moving in a sideways stepping fashion and she reached out to AE-2 in a panic stricken manner. AE-2 felt that the mother primate trusted them more than the apparent extraterrestrial beings who were observing the interaction. AE-2 believed “the mother primate wanted ‘contact comfort,’ ” i.e., someone to hold on to or to touch, and someone to comfort her. AE-2 stated, “I felt too vulnerable and experienced fear and…did not allow the mother primate to touch me.”

Feeling deeply remorseful AE-2 described their feelings regarding this encounter: “These are the beings who perform ‘experiments’ at the expense of other life forms. I could, to a certain degree, make sense of my predicament, but this primate and her infant had no way of doing this. All they were experiencing was a primal fear. These beings are wrong to do this type of experimentation.”

[1] The bulk of the details regarding the events which transpired during this videotaping project are being omitted for reasons of conciseness. We can state however, that as with AEs such as David Huggins, Jim Sparks and Whitely Strieber, these AEs retain an extraordinary level of conscious recall after their extraterrestrial encounters.

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