Videotaping Alien Beings

The 2010 Experiment

Part IV

Time Invested > 181 Hours

By Global ET Research

Nefarious Activity

Toward the middle of July the AEs began taping again on a regular basis. The night of July 17, 2010 would bring another encounter.

Both AE’s awakened with a certainty they had experienced another encounter. They overslept until 10:00 AM, which was quite late for them. They also experienced physical aftereffects. They checked the bedroom with the dosimeter (radiation detector) and there were no readings.

They went to a movie that Sunday and when they returned around 5:30 p.m. their garage door going into the house was unlocked. Both AEs were certain it was locked when they left because one watched the other as they locked the door and shook the handle to make certain it was secured. Furthermore, the door had two locks on it, one of which was a deadbolt.

It was apparent someone wanted them to know they had been in their house. Their alarm also did not go off, which means whoever unlocked the door, either didn’t actually enter the house or knew the alarm code and were able to put the code in, carry out their nefarious business and then reset the alarm, leaving the door unlocked to make it obvious they had been there. This is a tactic which has been used in the past to attempt to dissuade and impose uncertainty and fear onto people who report on certain types of extraterrestrial activity. Some notable witnesses who have had this, and worse, activity perpetrated on them are Debbie Jordan , Melinda Leslie and Bob Lazar, who unfortunately, suffered greatly by being set up with trumped up “porno” charges and relentless debunking. This should all be too familiar to readers because it is currently being done to another prominent experiencer named Stan Romanek.

Sorry: No “Corporate” Account

After the AEs realized what had occurred they called their alarm company to determine whether entry had actually been made into their house; however, the alarm company could not tell them since they did not have a “corporate” account.

The AEs were able to determine that the original alarm code that was used just after their house was built was still in the system, meaning, there were two usable alarm codes programmed into their alarm system. They promptly removed the old code and changed the other. We believe it is quite probable that entry was indeed made into their house and this is how it was accomplished. Because nothing was removed from the home, it is logical to assume something was placed into the home, probably a hidden camera or listening devices. This would explain the many odd electronic detections that were sensed with their electronic “bug” detector.

AEs Receive “Bizarre” Email

Although bizarre emails are common in the field of ufology, just prior to beginning phase two of their videotaping experiment, AE-2 received an unusual email from a person they did not know, but had received an email from 10 years prior. The email was “out of the blue,” and the AEs do not know the individual’s true identity. In the email they specifically mentioned that they could help AE-2 with their videotaping experiment and stated the location of where the videotaping equipment was located. This was prior to the AEs setting up the equipment; however, it was a location the AEs had already chosen. As with The 1995 Experiment, this videotaping experiment was not spoken about over the phone. The AEs only talked about it inside their home. Since the only person who knew about the experiment were the AEs, it is highly likely the AEs’ home was electronically fitted with listening devices, perhaps even visual recording devices.

Videotape Anomaly July 17th

On July 17th, 2010, another anomaly occurred. The videotape showed the AEs in bed for about the first 30 minutes of the recording and then there was the familiar “puff” sound and everything went black and the screen read “no signal.” The videotape was viewed all the way through and there was nothing on it. It had either been totally erased or blacked out again. Again, both AEs experienced the aftereffects or symptomatology of an abduction. 

Videotape Anomaly Relating to July 26th

There was another contact experience on July 26th. The AE wrote: “We had a rough night…The energy gets strange when they are around.”

That particular night, the tape didn’t work at all and this time the camera, which worked fine the previous night, was actually broken the following morning. What is unusual about this night is that all the equipment was working at the beginning of the tape. It showed the bed from an earlier recording (when the mirror was still over the bed) and the AEs could see themselves just before getting into bed. AE-1 walked up to the camera and looked at it to make sure it was on, careful not to touch it. AE-1 then walked around the room to the right side of the bed and the camera and tape went black.

Morse Code Static

What is even stranger is that during the night, both AEs got out of bed to use the bathroom at different times during the night. While each one was out of bed, each checked the video – without touching it – and visually verified that the tape was recording. They could see their bed on the screen and verified that the controls were set to record. The record button was also lit up in red, as it should have been. Everything showed the equipment was in perfect working order.

The tape showed AE-1 looking into the camera and then walking toward the bed. After that moment, there is nothing on the tape during the remaining [nearly] 8 hours. However, there were static sounds, as if there was some type of noise or some unusual type of mechanical “voice” in the room. There were clearly intermittent sounds of static on the tape. The sounds also did not sound random and the AEs described them as almost sounding like Morse Code. The AEs obviously had to replace the camera yet again.

The AEs videotaped sporadically from August through November of 2010 and stopped taping completely in December of that year. They tried the tactic of continually keeping the idea in their minds that they were not videotaping when, in fact, they were, and as one can imagine, this was very taxing. The AEs stated: “In the end, we could not prevent the aliens from knowing our thoughts about this project 24/7. We continued to be abducted and, frankly, we were burned out on the idea that we would ever catch a definitive, clear image of an alien Being on film; at least using the type of recording devices we were using. Family visits would ensue over the Christmas holidays and we did not want anyone to see videotaping equipment in our bedroom, of all places, so it was removed…” AE-2 stated, “There was one night around that time however that we will never forget. As we got into bed and felt their presence again, I telepathically heard a voice say,

‘Good… it makes it so much easier for us when you do not record.’”


The findings from this portion of the videotaping experiment revealed more evidence than the previous attempt sixteen years earlier in 1995. This time the AEs were able to document anomalous evidence on videotape. These anomalies do seem highly suspicious of some type of activity occurring just prior to the AEs’ encounters; at the very least, they demonstrate a correlation. Obviously, these Beings are able to affect the tape itself or the signal to the tape since at times the tapes remained running, but did not record anything after the blips of light or lines of lights and the “puff” sounds occurred.

From this more recent videotaping experiment, we can still infer that these Beings or their technology can nullify the signal from a camera to a VCR while not affecting any other electronic equipment in the room. For example, an alarm system, digital clocks, or electric razors and toothbrushes that were plugged in during the encounters.

Space-Time Manipulation?

Each time the AEs remembered an abduction event occurring, there was some type of anomaly with the videotaping equipment. However, there were times when the AEs were abducted and nothing showed up on the tape. In these cases, one or both of the AEs had gotten out of bed and left the room in order to use the bathroom. In these instances, we suspect they were taken while out of the camera’s view, which would imply that the actual abduction events happened very quickly as far as the passage of time on “our side” or in our reality. This is an anomaly that other researchers have noticed for quite some time, and now we have more proof that this is what is actually occurring. While humans experience abduction events in their time, which sometimes feels as though they range anywhere from an hour to several hours or even longer, the passage of time here on Earth (our reality) is much shorter. This would imply that either the aliens can manipulate time, or the time they exist in is passing much quicker than time passes on Earth – possibly both.


The aliens can also impede humans’ ability to see them while they are physically in our reality; in other words, they can make themselves and their craft nearly or completely invisible to us. This includes what humans can actually see, but also extends to what our instruments/technology can see; for example, still photography, video cameras and the like. This is why the aliens can operate in such secrecy and the abduction of so many humans remains extremely elusive, at least for non-AEs.

We believe it is only a matter of time before humans perfect invisibility technology and when this occurs, we will most likely be able to circumvent the aliens’ use of their invisibility technology during the course of an abduction. It’s highly probable that somewhere buried in one of our black programs this technology already exists and this really makes us wonder about those MILABS, REABS and PSYOPS that “aren’t really occurring.”

A Note of Warning

It has been repeatedly observed and reported that when AEs begin videotaping themselves and their surroundings, their experiences occur more often prior to them going to sleep and the Beings begin using different tactics, such as taking AEs from different locations. In other words, they change their tactics to avoid having to interfere with the equipment because even documenting the interference proves that something physical is really occurring to AEs and it’s not “all in their minds.”

This is most likely because the Beings view even small anomalies identified on videotapes as an unacceptable level of proof of their presence. In most cases, we believe the Beings are actually trying to protect AEs from other humans. The sad truth is, AEs are often targeted, sometimes by their own peers. © GETR/AJ

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