Animals, Experiencers and Extraterrestrial Visitors

Part III

ET Procedures Involving Animals

By Global ET Research


To recap part two of this article: Images of animals and real animals play a larger role in extraterrestrial contact than the average person realizes. There are many instances of unusual animals and animal figures seemingly appearing from out of nowhere in proximity to experiencers and in relation to the Visitors. Experiencers also see animals while onboard ET craft. We also discussed the idea that because the Visitors have been recorded in our human past dating back approximately a thousand years, they are either extremely long lived, or they are utilizing the science of time travel. This article explores the presence of animals in the context of ET contact and the possible reasons behind it. A review of the literature demonstrates at least four general categories into which animals and extraterrestrial or Visitor contact might be categorized.

ET Procedures Involving Animals

Some ETs study and learn from experiencers’ love and empathetic responses toward animals. Other beings have used animals as psychological tools to get what they want from their subjects. The effects of these types of ET experiments – whether intentional or not – can be devastating on a person and the resulting stress in their lives can take an enormous toll.

Some of the ETs’ psychological experiments involving the use of animals include “acting out” scenarios, mostly on a mental level through telepathic means, and/or ET technology. We cannot, however, be certain if this is the case for everyone. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Putting animals in danger so the subject will have to save them, sometimes at the expense of saving themselves,

(2) Making the subject choose between the lives of animals and those of humans,

(3) Making the subject watch animals die and not being allowed to help. In some cases, it is possible these animals were screen images of ETs or ETs using a camouflage effect, or possibly even created animals as we create toy animals. In these cases the animals appeared nearly indistinguishable from live animals.

(4) Cutting portions of a live animal’s body – for reasons we still do not understand other than to say they are performing mutilations and/or animal harvesting, but we do not understand why they perform such procedures while the animal is still alive. And while we’re on the subject, let us not overlook the fact that some human scientists are guilty of these same acts.

(5) Taking experiencers’ own animals. These animals have reportedly been seen on board their craft playing in a helping manner while the subjects wait to be seen or interact with the ETs. A few other reports describe invasive procedures being performed on people’s pets. The cases we are aware of, their pets were returned and did not appear to be harmed.

Early Research

The following information is derived from an earlier report that involved heavy use of hypnosis for memory retrieval. This excerpt, if accurate memory recall is involved, might indicate how the abductors experiment on both the human subject and the animal subject simultaneously. From Dr. Turner’s book Into The Fringe: A True Story of Alien Abduction. A man named “Fred” is under regressive hypnosis with Barbara Bartholic, who was Karla Turner’s close friend and mentor. In this excerpt “Fred” is talking:

“I feel like they are doing something to me with the animal...they are doing something with me, my blood, my sperm, and my genes. They are injecting my fluids into this animal. I think it’s stupid, I don’t like it. Why are they doing this?

“I think I was lying down, and they were doing something to the animal...taking something from me and putting it into the animal. Then I remember seeing another type of animal running around. I can’t remember what the animal looked like, but it was bizarre. Seems like the animal is part human, part animal. Like a small child around two years old. The one animal that appears to be part human seems to be real hairy.”

Fred continues by telling Barbara that the “men” are grays. The aliens levitated the animal while she (the animal) “was spread-eagle on her back.” Fred also said the animal had hooves, like a cow. They took some fluid (what Fred believed was his semen) from him with a needle device. After this, they removed some fluid from the animal. Later during the regression, Fred says that some of his fluid was placed into the vaginal area of the animal and the animal was then removed from the room. The other part of the fluid they took from Fred was taken to a computer.

It appears that during this unusual medical procedure, bodily fluids from a human being were placed into an animal. With our ability to clone animals, we have to consider the possibility that these aliens are at least as advanced as we are. This may have likely been a procedure involving genetic manipulation or perhaps cloning. When Barbara asked Fred for his opinion about what he remembered, he said, “They are regenerating from animal to human, from human to animal....Regenerating DNA.”

For those who do not like to depend solely on information retrieved with the use of hypnosis, we can offer an example from a subject who had conscious memories relating to this subject. For example, one subject found themselves standing outside at night near the entrance to an underground base. They saw what they described as “official looking people” as well as what appeared to be military personnel. A blonde being, possibly a hybrid, with dark brown eyes told the subject telepathically:

“Your Government is performing human cloning experiments. Men and women are being cloned and experimented on….Our technology was taken from us. Your Government manipulated us into believing they would use our technology to help your species, but instead, they used it for their own purposes. It is out of control…beyond our ability to stop your Government without your help.”

As advanced as the Visitors appear to be, we find it a bit unrealistic to take what this ET said at face value. Certainly, they have the ability to maintain control over their own technology. If they did not want to share their technology with our government, then they should have not done so or they should have discontinued doing so.

Today, we know that cloning mammals, including humans, is possible; however, we want to make it clear that by citing the above example, we are in no manner implying that all of the members of our Government or our military are involved in these activities. Far from it.  Most of these people have no knowledge of these activities because they do not have a need to know. Therefore, any military personnel seen by this and other witnesses are most likely working in a situation where specific humans and specific extraterrestrials are working together towards a common goal that happens to involve specific abductees or experiencers.

There are many other examples of joint human military-extraterrestrial involvement that have been made public. For example, the case of ET Visitors referred to as the Tall Whites and the reports of the jointly run ET-Human base in Dulce, New Mexico. Example of cases during which animal harvesting and/or animal mutilations have occurred include, but are not limited to, the Judy Doraty Case, Linda Moulton Howe’s An Alien Harvest and Richard Bonenfant’s overview of the subject at The Object Report’s Special Reports.

This overview from both published and unpublished cases demonstrates there are at least four categories into which animals in ET abductions can be categorized. Experiencers’ love for animals and extraterrestrials caring for and preserving animals shows us the positive side of their interaction with animals. The beings’ use of animal images for the purpose of camouflage and screen imagery, and the use of animals in their experiments – and taking it a step further to include animal harvesting and/or mutilations – shows us a potentially, much darker side to some of the Visitor beings’ actions involving Earth’s animals. © GETR/AJ

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