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Bill Konkolesky has been the State Director of the Michigan Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network since 2004.

After a lifetime of his own UFO and abduction encounters, he’s spent the last three decades actively investigating these otherworldly phenomena, trying to make some sense of the bizarre events that have happened to him personally. What he’s discovered confronting these cosmic mysteries is that reality is far stranger than he could have ever imagined.

Konkolesky is the author of the autobiographical Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds as well the newly released Experiencer: Two Worlds Collide, and his personal abduction experiences have been chronicled in the SyFy documentary Abduction Diaries, streaming documentary Abducted by Aliens: UFO Encounters of the 4th Kind, and the ABC news special “UFOs: Seeing is Believing.”

He has also served as consultant to Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries, the History Channel’s Hangar 1 and UFO Hunters, National Geographic Channel’s The Truth Behind, as well as the Science Channel’s Uncovering Aliens and Close Encounters.

Books by Bill Konkolesky

Guest Speaker at the 2024 Ozark UFO Conference


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