Alien Mistakes and Humorous Evidence


By John S. Carpenter, MSW, LCSW

“The woman had a new Victoria’s Secret nightgown on; the boy had his favorite little pajamas. She awoke the next morning in a man’s oversized shirt; her boy found himself in an older boy’s pajamas. What man awakened in the Victoria’s Secret nightgown? (And what did he tell his wife?)”


The idea that aliens are actually part of our present reality is controversial enough without adding any additional debatable aspects. However, a large portion of both groups that either accept or reject the existence of other-worldly entities have considerable trouble with the concept that any extraterrestrial beings of superior knowledge and ability could make “mistakes.”

Skeptics drill this point as “proof’” that these accounts are manufactured in the imaginative minds of bored individuals because aliens of superior intelligence would “just not make ridiculous blunders.” How do any of us know for certain what another form of intelligence would do? Do we need to make them into infallible gods just because they are apparently more advanced? Perhaps they are different only in their abilities concerning the manipulation of our environment - which seem magical, spiritual, or “dimensional” in our eyes. Perhaps they are just another race of beings who managed to comprehend advanced space travel a hundred years or so before we did. Perhaps they are just as susceptible to unexpected twists of fate or unknown variables in our world as we are. NASA’s space launches would seem incredible and magical to earthly aborigines not previously aware of such human technological advances. Yet most of us are aware of NASA’s many imperfections and unplanned blunders despite its superior technology!

ET Blunders

UFO research into alien abduction accounts is littered with unexpected moments of apparent extraterrestrial blunders. (Some researchers feel these “blunders” are deliberate to get our attention, but I think they would have many more obvious methods for obtaining our attention!) It is not especially amusing to be returned from an abduction to the wrong city 15-30 miles away - which has happened in a few cases.

No Tire Tracks Found

One Arkansas rancher was talking on his truck’s citizen band radio to his wife back at the house when he spotted a brilliant light coming at him from the pasture in front of his truck. The signal crackled and was lost. In the dark she and others found the tire tracks of the truck in the dewy grass stop dead without any trace of the truck or driver. Minutes later the CB radio crackled on again with the driver reporting confusion and disorientation. They located him and his truck on top of a ridge across the valley - but where no road existed and with no tire tracks in the dewy grass of that area leading to the vehicle. It was as if the truck had been neatly set down - but on the wrong ridge! If one is not careful, I suppose, many Arkansas ridges may look alike from the air.

Upsetting Displacements

One elderly but spirited woman found herself on several occasions outside of her locked home, naked in the yard. Although many others report this upsetting displacement, this woman was more upset over the loss of several expensive nightgowns which never returned with her. In another case a husband kept replacing his wife’s nightgowns because he hoped she would not be seen floating naked over the neighborhood.

People sometimes find themselves in someone else’s clothes. Budd Hopkins tells an amusing tale of a woman and her little boy who sleeps with her every night. The woman had a new Victoria’s Secret nightgown on; the boy had his favorite little pajamas. She awoke the next morning in a man’s oversized shirt; her boy found himself in an older boy’s pajamas. What man awakened in the Victoria’s Secret nightgown? (And what did he tell his wife?) I suppose that aliens with a busy schedule and perhaps dozens of abductees aboard might confuse the proper return of one’s clothes from a large assortment. Many people are returned to the wrong beds or bedrooms, In one case a family of five found themselves all in different bedrooms one morning and were quite amazed because not one of them ever remembered being up during the night. It became more interesting when they found a burned circle in the back yard and neighbors asking about the bright lights at which the dogs had been barking wildly.

One couple found that they had been switched from their usual sides of the bed to the opposite sides. Their respective pillows and blankets had also been switched. Neither could explain how this overnight exchange could have occurred. A number of people have found themselves reversed with their feet on their pillows often with mud or blades of grass-and their heads at the foot of the beds.

One couple had both seen intrusive entities in their bedroom but forget about these moments when offering to let the husband’s mother spend the night in their bedroom in order to experience their waterbed. This no-nonsense Christian woman awakened to see the same tall dark being that they had observed previously but had never described to anyone. His mother noted that it seemed puzzled and disturbed in finding her there instead of them! Needless to say, she had no desire to sleep in their bedroom again.

ET Craft Sinks Leaving Huge Hole

And, finally, there is a unique account from one of my cases in Missouri in which a perfectly round, 30-foot deep, 20-foot in diameter hole had been discovered near Jefferson City, Missouri, within walking distance of an abductee’s home. Scientists from nearby Rolla, Missouri had even investigated it by report.

The key to its formation comes from a session with the nearby abductee. She had been recalling her abduction under hypnosis, remembering being led to the craft by an alien on each side of her. Suddenly, they let go of her and returned quickly to the craft. She bursts out laughing because she sees their ship sinking into the ground. Apparently it had set down on top of a Missouri sinkhole; the weakened earth gave way - the craft sank out of sight. It was therapeutic for her because she knew that they were infallible and not so powerful after all. Besides, they dropped her and left quickly!

The unusual hole remained as proof that something large, heavy, and perfectly round had been there overnight. Every researcher has these kinds of amusing accounts which seem to provide a different kind of “proof’ that our reality is being intruded by another type of reality that we can barely begin to comprehend. But, perhaps extraterrestrials can make mistakes.

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John Carpenter

John Carpenter obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, and a master’s degree in Social Work, from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. He has had advanced training in Clinical Hypnosis in order to practice as a psychiatric therapist and hypnotherapist in Branson, Missouri. For over 32 years he has counseled people in Southwest Missouri for every kind of emotional problem imaginable.

His life-long curiosity in UFOs led to his volunteering his services for over 150 cases of possible UFO abduction. Using skillful interviewing techniques and thorough hypnotic investigation, he has collected amazing patterns of data which clearly depict a consistent and coherent scenario of extraterrestrial contact. He presented six papers at the prestigious MIT Abduction Study Conference in Boston in 1992. His published papers have brought him international recognition and speaking invitations on five continents. He has presented at conferences from Australia to England, on national and international radio, television, and film documentaries. He has created and produced 10 research DVDs since 1996.

Mr. Carpenter served as MUFON’s Director of Abduction Research from 1991 until 2000 and is a founding member of JAR: Journal For Abduction Encounter Research. John Carpenter is currently writing a book titled Invaded: Human Contact With Non-Human Beings and is available for Presentations Worldwide.

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