Super Conscious Beings

Part Two


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Two ETs Transforming into a Cross

Super Conscious Beings, Guides and Wise Ones

A few years later, I interacted with two female Super Conscious Beings who instructed me, by transforming from their humanoid form into a wooden-reed cross. The cross had consciousness and later I was to learn that the particular cross they chose for this lesson was the same shape as the cross that belonged to Saint Brigid.





The lesson they taught me was that ALL Things, Beings and Animals in the Universe have a life force and consciousness. I believe this consciousness comes from what some refer to as the Creative Force and what others refer to as the God Force.

Changing Our Destiny?

On Easter night 1997, a Super Conscious Being appeared in my bedroom. I was awake and wearing the nightshirt I had gone to bed in. I was consciously aware that he was there as we stood next to one another facing my bedroom window.

Missile Launch in Earth's FutureHe proceeded to show me what I took to be a “vision.” It involved the United States launching a missile into space. It was a worldwide event and it was in the future. The Super Conscious Being projected the vision onto the window in our bedroom and I watched and experienced strong emotions regarding what I was seeing.

The missile had an orange-red glow against a dark sky. I watched it rise into the sky and into space knowing that the entire world was also watching. Our government is taking this action as a last ditch effort to save humanity.

The missile hits something and there is a huge explosion that can be seen from Earth. The explosion appears as a large square mass of orange-red fire glowing in space followed by three to four masses of fire moving like a gas or a liquid in space. There are other masses of energy or fire and a lot of activity similar to air traffic. Some of the craft or objects appear to be ours and some do not.

I asked the Super Conscious Being,

“Did we cause the explosion? Did the missile cause all of that?”

He did not give me an answer to that particular question and telepathically told me that I had to wait for the future to arrive – that I could not be told now in the present.

I wondered about the implications of what we are going to do and if God will be angry with us.

Saint Brigid

Saint Brigid of Kildare

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ETs with Golden Wood Cross

Super Conscious Beings transforming into the wooden, reed cross associated with Saint Brigid.



Saint Brigid

Saint Brigid of Kildare






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