Childhood Multiple Witness Sighting


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UAP, UFOs in Triangle Formation 1972


1972, Delta Formation of ET Craft

I was arriving home from babysitting one night, and as I fumbled for my door keys in the dark trying to get inside my home, I looked up and saw five white lights flying in a Delta formation. After I saw the craft, I became dizzy, but was able to take another look back toward the lights which were still in the sky.

My next memory was of being in my backyard. I must have entered my house and then walked through into to the backyard or I gave up looking for my keys and went directly through the gate into the back yard. I saw my father and said,

“Daddy, I just saw five craft flying through the sky!”

At that moment, I saw an intense bright light approaching us as we stood in the backyard. This seemed different from what I just saw in the Delta formation and I tried to convince myself I wasn’t seeing the light by thinking, “These things aren’t real.”

Barrel Shaped Craft with lights1972

I looked up and the bright light moved right over us. At that moment, I realized what I was seeing was real. It looked like a giant glowing, luminescent barrel with lights on each end. It hovered over us and then retraced its path back toward the direction from which it came, appearing to survey our backyard. Then it stopped and began descending and then it landed in our backyard. After it landed, it “blinked out.” All that was visible was static electricity that emitted just enough light so that the outline of the craft was visible sporadically as the energy moved around it. It was as if it had a cloaking device that wasn’t functioning 100%, but at that time in my young life (12 years old) the term “cloaking device” wasn’t in my vocabulary.


Cylinder UFO Cloaking 1972


As I looked at the sporadic energy illuminating the outline of the barrel shaped craft, I suddenly realized that I knew who was inside.

I could feel their presence and I remembered them from a time before. At that moment, I was in telepathic contact with the Beings inside the craft and we began communicating greeting messages to one another simultaneously. My father, who was overwhelmed with fear, began running away from the craft. I was about to tell him to stop and that he could never get away from them, but just before I could, a blue beam of light came from the craft and paralyzed him, simultaneously causing his immediate disappearance.

Telepathic Communication

The communication between the Beings inside the craft and me continued. With our thoughts juxtaposed and intertwined, we stated:

“I am not afraid – Do not be afraid – We are peaceful Beings – I’m not going to hurt you –  Come to visit – I am here –”

The message was from me to them and from them to me simultaneously. Oddly, even at the age of 12, this was all extremely familiar to me.

Just as we were completing our greetings, I saw that there were several adults in our backyard with me who looked riddled with fear. My parents were having a cocktail party and their guests must have seen the bright light in the backyard and were drawn outside. As I studied them, I realized they were all paralyzed and could not move. Their faces revealed their initial looks of shock, fear and confusion with what they had seen. Almost everyone appeared to have been frozen in place and were still holding their drinks in their hands. At this point, I was still in telepathic contact with the Beings inside the craft, but I realized I was feeling heavy and somewhat drugged, although I was still aware of what was going on around me. I wasn’t afraid and I wondered why all of the grownups seemed to be so fearful…

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5 Unknown Craft Flying in Delta Formation 1972

Five silent, white lighted craft flying in a Delta formation, 1972.



Barrel Shaped UFO Craft with lights-1972

Giant glowing, luminescent barrel with lights on each end, 1972 encounter.




Barrel-shaped ET Craft Cloaking

Cylinder UFO Cloaking 1972

“I am not afraid – Do not be afraid – We are peaceful Beings – I’m not going to hurt you –  Come to visit – I am here –”









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