Dual Reference in the UFO Encounter

By Joe Nyman

Edited by Global ET Research

The intensity and deep feelings with which the so-called abductee relives the various consistently reported images of the encounter experience leave a lasting conviction in the investigator of the subject’s seemingly random and unwilling participation….I report the discovery of an even more profound set of images that not only challenges this conviction, but also causes abductees to completely reorient their perspective of the nature of these experiences. I call these perspective-altering images, dual reference – the experiencing of one’s self as both human and alien at the same time.

I stumbled across this in 1987 while trying to find people’s earliest experiences. Using the widely reported image of a familiar alien, it seemed logical to try to go back to the point of earliest familiarity. I began with a subject who considered her familiar alien to be her “father.”

“In what sense?” I asked, and was puzzled by her reply that the alien had always been with her.

Moreover, in subsequent cases, this familiar entity line of investigation produced startling images of pre-birth existence as one of the aliens. Once the subject of the investigation articulates these images, a profound change takes place. Gone are the feelings of victimization. They are replaced by feelings of participation in a long term process. Subjects feel they’re here on a mission. Let me stress that this state is reported as something experienced, not imposed or conveyed as a teaching... 1

Joe Nyman as quoted in Visitors From Hidden Realms

Three experiencers have... independently gone back to images of themselves as alien entities. In one tear-filled session, the experiencer at first experienced his consciousness, disembodied and contained, in the presence of his special entity. (This is the second instance of this type of image that has been reported to us.) The imagery continued with communication taking place between the consciousness and the special entity. This was followed by another flashback, a precursor to the contained consciousness image, in which the experiencer saw himself as “one of them,” deciding whether his consciousness or that of the special entity was to occupy a human form.

The experiencer’s relationship with the special entity was now very clear to him – the two were partners in a process in which the experiencer’s future human body was to be involved and which the special entity was to monitor.

Half Human, Half Extraterrestrial Face

Nyman speculates there are three possible causes of such unusual memories:

1. They were part of the psychological make-up of the people describing such experiences,

2. The memories were somehow induced in these people by the investigative process itself (i.e., power of suggestion)

 3. They were a reflection of something resulting from an imposition on the experiencer.

It is the third possibility that has profound implications. Nyman then noted something that was quite intriguing. He wondered: If there was evidence of an alien intelligence taking up residence in the human body, was there also evidence for when it leaves?

He stated: “...last year, in conversation, I was told by an individual that at his mother’s death in 1937, he and his two sisters were terrified to see a figure descending the stairs. The figure had a face that the man saw again years later – on the dust jacket of Communion.” 2

UFO Cases Contributed by Joe Nyman

1. Excerpted from Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference held at MIT, Cambridge, MA. © 1994; ISBN #0-9644917-0-2

2. Excerpted from Church Of Ufology Sunshine Blogspot

Joe Nyman as quoted in Visitors From Hidden Realms, by Brent Raynes. © 2004; ISBN-10: 094082938X; ISBN-13: 978-0940829381

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Dual Reference in Human ET Connection

The Familiar Entity and Dual Reference


“There is a sense of one’s destiny as off-planet, or a pull to go home to an extraterrestrial planet one was shown by the ETs, or an [urge for] rejoining fellow extraterrestrials elsewhere in the galaxy.”*



“I’m only an expert on my own experiences, so I can only talk about what has helped from that point of view. The dual reference [Joe Nyman’s The Familiar Entity and Dual Reference] was an incredible help to me in being able to integrate the experience into my own perception of reality. The dual reference was the point where I could confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had given consent to these experiences.” – Christine



“…this discovery of dual reference has altered my life remarkably.... At this point, my life is very good. My life is probably as good as it’s ever been. I can never remember feeling so comfortable, so happy and feeling calm. And yet, I know that these things continue on, and will continue on.” – Bob




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Excerpts from Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference held at MIT, Cambridge, MA. © 1994; ISBN #0-9644917-0-2

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