ET Contact: They Are Here


“They are out there and they are waiting. How much longer will it be before the human species is ready to receive them?”  


The Girl with the Golden Eyes

During a particularly memorable encounter in 2005, I found myself with five other people at night near an abandoned shopping center. We were watching a scene from a Star Wars movie that was being projected to us by an ET Being who was nearby. He and the other Beings were telepathically monitoring us and studying our feelings about the movie because they were interested in people who understood the concept of “The Force” and the struggle between “Good and Evil.”

After the mental projection was over, our small group walked toward another area that was familiar to us. I saw a petite, female hybrid with white-blonde hair open a glass door. I recognized her and realized that I knew her. I followed closely behind her while calling back to the others,

“Hey, come here quick! You have to see her ˗ she’s so beautiful!”

I looked at her face and saw her huge golden eyes. They were similarly colored eyes as a little white haired boy I had seen a long time ago, except her eyes were larger.

This hybrid girl had shoulder-length blonde hair and she was holding a blue eye lens in her hand. I looked at her beautiful huge golden eyes and I asked her, referring to the blue lens she was holding,

“Are those your implants?”

Telepathically, she responded “Yes,” but she seemed a little uncomfortable with the fact that I knew she wore special lenses. The special blue lenses make her appear more human and have pupils like ours.

I asked her,

“How do you keep them in? How do they stay in?”

The young hybrid replied, again telepathically,

“They are surgically attached with a [word not remembered] strand behind our eyes.”

It was then I realized she was in this place to meet with a doctor who was going to reattach [or attach] her implants so she could blend in better with humans. My feelings at that moment were how wonderful it was to see her again and how beautiful she was.

“What is your name?” I asked.

Telepathically, I heard what sounded like “Talipae” or “Talape.”

The emphasis was on the “pae” or “pe” and it was pronounced with a long a, as in “pay,” so her name was pronounced “Tala˗Pay.”

After she told me her name, she turned around and walked away with her doctor to have the procedure performed. It was time for me and my group to return to where we saw the mental projection in the parking lot of the abandoned shopping center. I believe this is when we were each returned to our homes.

They Shall Be Revealed

Another most enduring message I was told concerning the Hybrids occurred this same year. One night as I was looking outside our glass doors into our courtyard at some red Nandina bushes I had just planted, I saw a light. It looked as if there was a light or some type of energy emanating from the bushes, and while I was looking at the light I was telepathically given a message, as if the bush itself was speaking to me:

“Foster the alien children for they shall be revealed. More lights will be visible through Earth’s spectrum of particles…”

The message was so clear and so powerful, I experienced an immediate inner knowing that they are coming back to us and they will be made known to the world. We will start seeing more “lights,” which will be their craft in our skies. I had an inner knowing that the hybrid program had been successful and our hybrid children are coming back to us. Their message was unmistakable.

It has been 13 years since these two remarkably positive encounters occurred. Sometimes it seems as if I saw her yesterday… Other times it feels as if it were another lifetime. All I have to do is see her in my mind and she is right here with me, just on “the other side.”

Thirteen Years and Waiting

In human terms, 13 years is a long time to wait for someone, especially when there is such a profound connection with them. It’s sad that our world hasn’t progressed to the point where they can be here with us – out in the open – without fear of persecution. As long as humans continue to persecute one another and continue to destroy other species as well the very planet that gives us life, perhaps it’s not so difficult to understand why these Beings haven’t made themselves known to the masses. And, knowing why doesn’t make the burden of waiting any easier. In fact, it makes it even more difficult.

Disturbing Changes

I have continued to interact with this particular hybrid group and there has been great joy upon seeing one another again. While the girl with the golden eyes has matured and now dons bluish lavender eyes and shorter hair, others of this familial lineage have been born and continue to be nurtured.


Blonde Hybrid Children 2017

Sadly, I have also witnessed some disturbing changes in the past five to six years: There is now fear among the younger ones. Telepathically I have been asked, “What is going to happen to us?” and “What will they do to us?”

The past few times I’ve been with them they have donned burgundy colored uniforms and have shown me my own. They’ve told me I am a leader and I will need to be prepared. “Put on your uniform now,” they told me once. I have also been told, “You are in charge of them.” and “You are their commanding officer.”

They have led me to believe there is an imminent conflict which will require me and others to lead them. I picked up (my familiar) uniform in my hands and looked at it, but I knew it wasn’t time yet. It’s difficult to know with certainty, but it’s as though they are keeping me mentally prepared for a future event they know will unfold.

I don’t pretend to fully understand what is happening on their side of the veil. When I am with them there is great joy and love, but there is also a fear and the need to be on guard and to be prepared. I can only guess, but I sense a poison has infiltrated their world somehow. Or perhaps, from what I know of this milab darkness, it is my own memories of these dark people that these Beings are accessing and therefore fear.

Due to the process of telepathic communication, they know everything we know and that includes milab personnel who have harmed us and the people those negatives take their orders from. We may only remember some of this, but ALL memory exists in the subconscious mind. These Beings can access parts of our brains and therefore our consciousness that we cannot. Perhaps this is the ET version of “culpable deniability.” One of the benefits of communicating with us telepathically and on a subconscious level is that this process also protects us.

Member of Familial Group?

I was inspired to publish this after watching ET Contact: They Are Here, produced by Caroline Cory. I found the film to be uplifting at a time when people need to be lifted up.

It is a strong antidote to the negativity people are being fed across our country and throughout our world. While I do not see even the most enlightened humans as “gods,” I do agree with Cory, the scientists and the brave and credible experiencers she interviews in her film that we have within us, so much more potential than we could ever imagine.

They are out there and they are waiting. How much longer will it be before the human species is ready to receive them? © 2018 – AJ


Blonde Hybrid Female Group

This is the hybrid in her burgundy colored uniform utilizing artist Agent D’s recreation of the Girl with the Golden Eyes seen at the top of this article. I believe it is the same female, but she is now 13 years older. This image depicts her blue eyes.






This hybrid in green was photographed from the screen while viewing Caroline Cory’s ET Contact: They Are Here. I believe she may be an example of the same familial line as the other blonde hybrids represented here.








I watched Caroline Cory’s movie on Amazon’s streaming service, but you can visit her Facebook page and find all sorts of ways to view it or purchase it. Give it a couple of views before making any judgments. Even for me – someone who has been consciously aware of the ET presence since childhood – it took a couple of views to take in all of the information the film covered.

© 2018 by AJ

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AJs Hybrid Girl with Golden Eyes


Several years ago, I began working with an artist using the pseudonym Agent D, to create a lifelike rendition of a Being I refer to as the Girl with the Golden Eyes. Agent D also created several other works of art based on my images and descriptions of the Beings who have interacted with me over the past 30+ years. These illustrations are published on this site, Hybrids Rising, and have also made their way to other sites and Facebook pages all across the Internet. I feel good about this because I believe they are as close to real extraterrestrials as we can get without having actual photographs of them. It is our hope that people who post these images link back to the original sites they were taken from in order for the readers to understand the context in which these Beings were seen. “A picture” of ETs doesn’t necessarily “paint a thousand words,” but rather, a thousand questions, hence, the need for applicable text to accompany each image.



Hybrid Child in 1988

The male child AJ held in 1988 who also had golden eyes.

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