My Life

Author Unknown


I was brought here from another world at age nine,
An entity, dropped off in human form.
Into the hands of human hatred.
From paradise, into the eye of the storm.

For twenty eight years I have lived in loneliness,
For twenty eight years I have lived in hatred and fear,
I have begged my beings to take my life,
For love and compassion, there is none here.

All my life, I have watched the stars,
Hoping once again my ship may appear.
To take me away from this world of violence.
Then, I find, my people, my beings, are here!

Once again, I am back in the hands of my people.
Once again, I may board the ship from which I came.
I wear the uniform I wore so many years ago,
Thank God, my people, are still the same.

I have been told my time here is short,
Once again, I will pilot the ship, and then,
To the world of beauty, peace, and love,
Where my life will start all over again.





Poem Credit: Church Of Ufology Sunshine Blogspot

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“I wear the uniform I wore so many years ago...”


“There is a sense of one’s destiny as off-planet, or a pull to go home to an extraterrestrial planet one was shown by the ETs, or an [urge for] rejoining fellow extraterrestrials elsewhere in the galaxy.” – Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., Anthropological Psychology


“I’m only an expert on my own experiences, so I can only talk about what has helped from that point of view. The dual reference [Joe Nyman’s The Familiar Entity and Dual Reference] was an incredible help to me in being able to integrate the experience into my own perception of reality. The dual reference was the point where I could confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had given consent to these experiences.” – Christine


“…this discovery of dual reference has altered my life remarkably.... At this point, my life is very good. My life is probably as good as it’s ever been. I can never remember feeling so comfortable, so happy and feeling calm. And yet, I know that these things continue on, and will continue on.” – Bob


Excerpts from Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference held at MIT, Cambridge, MA. © 1994; ISBN #0-9644917-0-2




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