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Stephenville Sightings

Night of the Stephenville Lights: January 8, 2008


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“The fascinating part of that, to me, was that it just went literally out of my head. And Oliver never mentioned it. Had I not seen the show I never would’ve thought of it again. That, to me, was the weird part.”
– Kurt Russell (Actor, Performer)


For me, it began on February 4, 2008 when I read an email from a list-post I subscribed to about the Stephenville sightings. I had scanned several of the messages and deleted most of them afterward, but on February 4th, I realized there was something about the sightings that bothered me; there was something about the date of January 8th that made me feel uneasy.

I looked at my desk, covered in papers, and saw a date on a piece of paper that read January 8, 2008 with a note that said “draw” and an arrow pointing toward my journal. As I read my journal I realized that I had an encounter that same night and had made an entry in my journal.

Journal Entry

“I was outside at night and I saw an object flying over me, sort of flittering about in the night sky. I thought it was a craft, but realized quickly as it came closer to me that it was a foot wide. It shot around really fast and made lots of sharp, nearly right angle turns, moving very fast. Then it got right over my head and flew down toward my head in a spiral or like a slinky when stretched out. I reached up and grabbed it just before it touched my head and it collapsed or rather scrunched in my hands. It felt like a fabric. It was a material like substance and while being somewhat prickly, it didn’t hurt my hands. It seemed alive, but not alive. It was under intelligent control, I believe, but it was not alive in the sense that a bird would be alive.”

With what I and others have discovered from other abductee-experiencer accounts, it is possible this was a type of ET technology that “tagged” me, i.e., identified me via my DNA or by some other means, thereby allowing the Beings operating the technology to send a craft immediately to my location, because “the next thing I knew, there was a small, green box-shaped craft with a Being inside right next to me. I got inside of the craft which was just large enough for two people. After I was seated, the craft suddenly flipped and I felt a jerking sensation, and we were airborne.”


“As the craft continued to gain altitude, I saw two satellites fairly close up in orbit. They looked just like the ones we have in orbit around Earth. The craft then flipped and jerked again and we moved very quickly, and at that point, I noticed the two satellites were somewhat farther away. We apparently had moved a fairly long distance in a matter of a second.”

Entity seen during Stephenville UFO Sightings Jan. 8, 2008“The next thing I know, I’m inside a structure with large white rooms. I felt as if I was on another, larger craft. There were two tall Beings about 6’5’ to 7’ tall. They looked somewhat human so I surmise they were hybrids, but I can’t be certain of this. They had light tan skin and eyes similar to ours, but they were squinting a bit, like we would in bright sunlight. They had bulging skulls like I’ve seen before and right below the ridge on their foreheads was a second set of eyes that looked vestigial. They were there, but looked like they were no longer of any use as organs for sight.”

“These Beings were telepathically picking up on my thoughts, and as I studied the face of one of them, the other one said to me telepathically,

‘He has redundant sets of eyes.’

“I then looked at the Being who was talking to me and realized he also had redundant sets of eyes and looked almost exactly like the Being standing apart from me. I found it all very fascinating.”

The Beginning

One of the things that I recall is that every time I think about this encounter, I see myself standing near a wooded area in our neighborhood at night with several other people. This is a memory that is deeply ingrained in my mind concerning this particular night.

I live near a greenbelt area that has a small field and a patch of woods. On the other side of this is a huge field that is used for farming.

“I remember seeing other people with me when the small object was flittering over my head. Everyone seemed fascinated with what they were seeing up in the sky, but I realized that it was more of a distraction and something to keep our minds focused. It seemed to be a real object since I touched it and scrunched it, but it was not a craft as the other people near me seemed to believe.”

“These other people were also standing near me when I got inside of the small green craft and they just stood there watching, seemingly unaware of what they were actually looking at. I kept seeing and remembering this when I would think about this encounter and I believe there really were other people near me.”

“I don’t know any other reason for a group of us to have been standing outside at night together watching this object fly over our heads, and I now wonder if these other people were contacted and taken as I was.”

Cities Involved

This is a list of cities, covering 160 miles, corresponding to reports to MUFON of events that occurred on January 8th, 2008. When one draws a straight line between these cities, the area I live in falls under the same line of sightings.

Fort Worth
De Leon

According to a MUFON investigator,

“Granted the witnesses did not always describe the same thing but it is still interesting that these cities are on a virtual line extending SW of Aubrey to Brownwood. Putnum, Texas was the only ‘wayward’ city.”

Similar Descriptions by Witnesses on the Ground

I also noted that my description of what it felt like and what I saw while inside of the small green craft is similar to what witnesses observed.

The flipping and jerking sensations and then traveling at a great speed to where our satellites orbit the Earth and then another series of jerking and flipping sensations and then being on a larger craft.

Compare this with the general description of the movements of the lights from eyewitnesses to the sightings as stated by Texas State Director Ken Cherry:

“The video evidence tends to substantiate witness reports…Primarily, people are describing spheres…which move, turn and twist at great speeds. Sometimes seen in formation, they then suddenly move around erratically.”


“Fewer people report seeing a very large craft, variously described as ‘bigger than Wal-Mart,’ ‘bigger than three football fields,’ or ‘a mile long and a half mile wide.’”

Rather than the Stephenville Sightings being a big lightshow for the humans below to watch and enjoy, it’s very likely that people were witnessing ET contact taking place. I am 100% certain I interacted with two Extraterrestrial Beings with tan skin, although I’ll admit, I’m not remembering everything that occurred while I was onboard the larger craft with them. One has to ask, how many of these other witnesses were also taken and do not remember the experience? How many other people were taken who never saw the craft or lights in the sky, but perhaps did remember something of what occurred to them, but for fear of ridicule, kept it to themselves?

Mentally Directed Not to Remember

I wish I had emailed my account to MUFON the following day, just after I documented it in my journal. Oddly, I seemed to “forget about it” and it took me almost a month to make the connection to the date of January 8th,  which I might not have made at all had I not been keeping a journal. This makes me suspect that I was given a mental directive by these beings not to remember, and if I did remember the event, not to report it. Although I did document what I remembered about the encounter in my journal immediately, I did not make the connection until I saw the date over and over again in various email postings, most of which I deleted without reading.

“That, to me, was the weird part”

As we moved to revive this article for publication on our new site, Kurt Russell recently came forward on the BBC with his account of being one, if not the first, pilot to witness and officially report seeing the lights on the enormous craft during the Phoenix Sightings in 1997. What is probably second most important about his coming out about his initial reporting of the incident is the fact that he also said this:

“I said, ‘Well, okay, I’m gonna declare it’s unidentified, it’s flying and it’s six objects.’ We landed, I taxied, dropped him off, took off and went back to L.A.”

“I never said a word, he never said a word. I never thought of it. Two years later, [his wife] Goldie [Hawn] is watching a television show when I came home. And the show is on UFOs... And I’m kind of hearing the TV going. And I stopped and I started watching and it was on that event. And that was the most viewed UFO event, over 20,000 people saw that.”

“I’m watching this and I’m feeling like Richard Dreyfuss in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’ I go, ‘What, why do I know this?’ And it’s not clear to me. And finally they said a general aviation pilot reported it on landing.”

“I never thought of it since then and I said, ‘That was me, that was me! Wait a minute, I’ll go to my logbooks.’ So I went to my logbooks and there was that flight, at that time, and I didn’t mention anything about the UFO.”

“The fascinating part of that, to me, was that it just went literally out of my head. And Oliver never mentioned it. Had I not seen the show I never would’ve thought of it again. That, to me, was the weird part.”

The “directive” not to remember can be implanted in the minds of both abductee-experiencers and simple witnesses to an ET Craft; and the directive can be accomplished from a distance – these Beings do not have to be in physical contact with someone in order to achieve this outcome. This is why it is easier than people think to keep the “UFO issue” under wraps. Humans’ memories can be, and are, easily controlled or manipulated by some of our extraterrestrial visitors. Researchers refer to this as “mind or memory management.”  When other images are put in place of a real event, or the true appearance of an ET, it is called “screen imagery” and “camouflage.”

If You See Something – Say Something

It is important for people who witnessed the Stephenville Sightings, the Phoenix Sightings or any other unidentified craft sightings, especially if they remember more than just seeing the craft – to share what they remember from that night because there is likely much more to these sightings than seeing a craft up in the sky. Whether you formally report it to an organization or publish your account on your social media page, it is important to do so. These Beings are coming here or are remaining here, for a reason and it’s not to entertain us with “light shows.” If you don’t come forward with your truth, don’t expect your government representatives to do it. This type of Disclosure will only occur when everyone reports their sightings and encounters and this reaches critical mass. It’s up to everyday citizens to make this happen.

© 2008, by AJ; Edited by Global ET Research © 2017


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Kurt Russell on the 1997 Phoenix Sightings


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Stphenville, TX ET seen during sightings 1998

Friendly ET Seen Onboard Large Craft the night of Stephenville, TX Sightings - 01-08-2008


On January 8, 2008, Stephenville gained national media attention when dozens of residents reported observations of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Several residents described a craft as the size of a football field, while others said they were nearly a mile long, similar to the Phoenix lights mass sightings of March 13, 1997. Some observers reported military aircraft pursuing the objects.

CNN’s Larry King covered the news story in the days following the incident, and according to Steve Allen, a private pilot who witnessed the UFO, the object was travelling at a high rate of speed which supposedly reached 3,000 feet in the air. Allen said it was “About a half a mile wide and about a mile long. It was humongous, whatever it was.” The History Channel show UFO Hunters featured a story about the UFO sightings.

On January 23, after initially denying that any aircraft were operating in the area, the US Air Force said that it was conducting training flights in the Stephenville area that involved 10 fighter jets. The Air Force said they were merely F-16 Fighting Falcon jets conducting night flights from NAS JRB Fort Worth.

Herald Tribute writer Billy Cox wrote that inquiries made about the incident on his personal UFO blog have been “stonewalled” by the USAF. – excerpted from wikipedia

















Type of satellite seen while being taken to larger craft







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