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By Stephen Bassett


Our sincere thanks go out to these brave individuals and their families and to our friends and colleagues in the Exo-Political Community for making the incredible UAP hearing on July 26, 2024 Possible.

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Government is ‘absolutely’ in possession of UAPs

‘Nonhuman biologics’ were found at a crash site

Officials must establish a ‘safe and transparent reporting process’

Stigma associated with sightings ‘silences’ possible witnesses

UFO [UAP] spotted accelerating to ‘supersonic speeds’


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The last four years have been interesting, the last three years profound and the last year excruciating. PRG has spent most of this period on the sidelines watching (and waiting). The time for that is over.

Circa 2016-2017 the Pentagon declassified three gun camera films of intercepts of unidentified craft by advanced Naval aircraft that were given to former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon for the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science to provide to the New York Times. Those clips were posted as part of two front page articles in the Times on December 16, 2017, guaranteeing they would be seen by millions of people around the world. The reality of craft of non-human origin in Earth's skies was legitimized at an unprecedented level. There could be no turning back. 

I am convinced the stage has been set and witnesses lined up for congressional hearings early in the new administration on the UAP/ET phenomena. We have waited 53 years for this. Such hearings have always been the appropriate prerequisite for Disclosure, and PRG's singular focus going forward is helping ensure they take place sooner than later.

It has been gratifying to watch capital "D" disclosure being discussed by social media influencers and television/radio talk shows (old and new) and covered by mainstream journalists. This will certainly increase in the new year.

What to expect from PRG: the introductory DisclosureWire podcast will post on January 7. PRG Updates will be shorter and more frequent. More extensive articles will turn up on Medium and in the PRG DisclosureWire blog. The most dense interview schedule possible will be booked. 

A concerted effort will be made to bring PRG's perspective to cable news coverage. If that is successful, PRG will then seek meetings and take that perspective to Capitol Hill. And, of course, when hearings take place, PRG will cover them all and report back.

This can be, should be, will be the year the Truth Embargo ends. The party is about to begin and everyone is welcome.

Happy New Year

Steve Bassett, January 1, 2021   

There is only one outcome to the congressional/political initiative currently underway that would constitute success – Disclosure. By that measure the truth advocacy movement has not yet achieved its goal. So we press on.


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Via email, fax and 2.5 million Twitter messages, every congressional office, the presidential candidates and 400 reporters, editors and producers have been made aware of the need for new hearings on the extraterrestrial presence issue. The 180+ members of the six targeted congressional committees have received information regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and much more. All have received requests to meet with PRG, and meetings have taken place with both House and Senate staff.

The congressional offices and the political media have also been made aware of two important areas of testimony - nuclear weapons tampering and the Rockefeller Initiative.*

The Disclosure movement has received unprecedented political coverage. PRG has done over 80 media interviews. The Rockefeller Initiative has been appropriately covered and finally referred to by name by the political media twenty-two years after it began. First to do this was Jennifer Harper, Washington Times. This was followed by Eric Pfieffer,; Warren Rojas, Roll Call; A. J. Vicens, Mother Jones;Robin Seemangal, New York Observer; and Ben Terris, Washington Post.

Of particular note is that Secretary Clinton, John Podesta, Governor Bill Richardson and others have been queried by reporters regarding the Rockefeller Initiative. In all cases they refused to respond. Reporters don’t like that.

The ongoing political initiative, coupled with the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has triggered a complex and sometimes bizarre dialogue by other means with the Clinton campaign, including President Obama. Twitter messages by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and questions asked during appearances on late night talk shows by Presidents Clinton and Obama are difficult to explain outside the context of internal concern and awareness of the political engagement underway.

All of which is to say that even amidst the media focus on terrorism at home and abroad and the seemingly endless presidential campaign, the Disclosure advocacy movement has gotten the attention of the “powers that be.”

Disclosure and congressional hearings are in play – We can do this. 

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Stephen Bassett



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* Efforts by Laurance Rockefeller (1993-1996) to convince the Clinton administration to release all UFO related documents in government files to the public and grant amnesty to government witnesses who might come forward with information. Citizen-Hearing-US-Congress.jpg

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