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Grey Alien Infant

During past encounter experiences, I’ve held Beings the size of the Atacama humanoid in the palm of my hands. Their skin was paler in color, but otherwise, they were very similar to the appearance and size of the Atacama humanoid. I wondered how they could be so maturely formed yet so small – at what appeared to me, as far as their size was concerned, to be not much beyond the human embryonic stage. Others appeared to be later-stage, but still appearing to be the size of a fetus. Some of these tiny Beings seemed “aware” beyond their age, but were the same size as a newborn human infant.

I have also seen Extraterrestrial appearing babies born that could stand immediately after birth. Other abductee-experiencers have seen them as well. One of the most well known abductees to witness other tiny, sentient Beings is Betty Andreasson, whose case was researched by Raymond Fowler. She, too, saw Beings that were very small, standing and walking, and she illustrated them beautifully in The Andreasson Affair and subsequent books.




Note the size of the three ET Beings on the far left of this image and then compare them to Betty (red dress) who is a grown woman of average height and stature. There is a fourth Being peering from behind her dress.


I’m no geneticist, but I’m 99.9% certain that the Beings I held in my hands and others I’ve held to my heart, were not human beings with 7 major gene mutations. If they had been human infants with this many genetic mutations, they would not have been living, breathing Beings.

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Tan-Grey Infant suckling pinkie finger held by AJ during 1992 ET Contact Encounter. (Conscious memory - no hypnosis used.)

Betty Andreasson and Lifting Of The Veil Check (WayBackMachine)

Atacama Update

It appears from further research by Professor Gary Nolan, it is his opinion that the Atacama Humanoid is not of Extraterrestrial origin, i.e., non-Human.

Steven Greer’s Atacama Rebuttal

Other books about Betty Andreasson and her Family’s life-long ET Encounters:

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