Dan Aykroyd, Bruce Maccabee
and The FBI-CIA Connection

“I can personally attest to the fact that at least a dozen abduction cases were officially reported to the FBI in 1987, to no avail. For public consumption the FBI states – as do the Air Force and other official agencies – that it has no curiosity about such reports.”
Budd Hopkins

By Agent D

Like myself, Dan Aykroyd has seen, clearly, several UFOs with his own eyes. Having an in-your-face UFO encounter changes everything. I am fortunate that I have not only witnessed 3 UFOs, but I have also had intense interactions with deceased beings on two occasions and thirdly, I had a spontaneous remote viewing event which lasted for nearly half a minute so I am way, way beyond simply believing in the supernatural.

Dan Aykroyd’s interest in UFOs is old news but I found this article interesting because Dan is apparently promoting Dr. Bruce Maccabee’s book about UFOs and the CIA. I find the CIA interest in UFOs and the paranormal intriguing because the CIA is likely NOT in lock-step with the ultra-black rogue US GOV organization that is behind the cover-up and ongoing ET-HUMAN dialogues and others have hinted before on the web that other large, three-letter organizations could pose a problem for the MILAB faction, who likely doesn’t like sharing intel toys with others. So in a way, the CIA with its great reaching powers, could inadvertently cause a secondary release of ultra-black data.

This stuff is so deep and vast it will make your head spin, and what is disturbing is that we are only seeing the ripples on the surface of the water. There is much, much more unseen below the surface – in the deep black. As we move forward in time, the true nature of what is happening is leaking in ways many have not expected and there are likely many surprises in store for us as the contact clock nears closer to midnight.


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Excerpted from The Object Report’s Blog

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