MILAB Civil War

By Agent D


Agent K wandered across an interview on the web that is borderline unbelievable. We have linked the article here to blogger first so we could make a few clarifications about the fact checking of this interview. First, let me say that it is my understanding from dozens of extremely reliable sources both human and ET that contact is imminent and indeed contact is such a grand process, like the collision of two galaxies, it has no real defined edges. Many humans have already interacted with aliens, either in neutral circumstances or through abductions as part of the Hybrid program - so for these people contact is past tense. Yes, we will have a threshold point where contact is obvious to the whole of the planet in one moment and this is coming soon. Real soon.

Who better to know full ET contact is coming and is imminent than the Ultra Black Military of the U.S. often referred to as the MILAB faction. Let’s be blunt, there is no doubt MILAB types know ET contact is imminent and we should now be seeing the rats leaving the sinking ship. Perhaps because the MILAB military types have been so vicious and so treasonous they would rather fight to the end rather than face public judgment and literally be cast down from the heavens, as the fallen. This could very well be the case, however some low level personnel and a handful of officers who do not wish to “go down with the ship” - might come forth, come clean, before the ship hits the fan.

We have seen several puffs of smoke on the horizon to indicate there are ex-MILAB types coming clean. This is a phenomenon to follow and it is of great importance in just how smooth the disclosure process will be. Oh, there will be disclosure and there will be truth unstoppable. I think there are a few high level cronies who are in absolute, utter denial of the inevitable and they will likely try to hold out until the very end with pistol in hand like Warden Norton from the film The Shawshank Redemption. This isn’t a matter of moral judgment as much as it is inevitable fact.

The facts mentioned in this interview are all over the map and in a strange way, this adds credibility to the piece. Anything involving ETs and contact is going to sound outrageous, this has been proven over and over. We have heard of aliens walking through walls, soul-less bodies stored in rows, Reptilians flying through the air, small Grey beings levitating above the ground, abductees seeing dead relatives, even people encountering themselves. What about someone saying the atmosphere on Mars is breathable? Wikipedia states the atmosphere on Mars is 95 percent carbon dioxide and 100 times thinner than Earth’s, so nobody could breath Martian air, period. So why would someone say the air is breathable, when it clearly sounds like bullshit? There could be a force field of some sort in play, or some other technology we do not understand and perhaps could not really believe could exist either. The fact Randy just puts it out there, suggests he isn’t trying to hide the statement and must be aware Martian air isn’t at all breathable nor warm, so something else is at play.

There are a few statements in his story, especially his audio link, that I find hard to swallow and I have doubts on some issues. Is it even possible for a human to serve 20 years on Mars considering gravity is only 38% of Earth’s. I would imagine that alone would cause long term health issues. The story of the 1000 troops going into a temple to retrieve an artifact activated a bell bottomed flashback to the 1970’s show “Land of the Lost” and those Sleestak Reptilians who lived in a cave and had crystal relics in the center and would come out from the walls. The ship sized worm hole is hard to believe for many reasons and people being sliced in two sounds like Captain Kaye might have been reading Andrew Basiago’s article - which is another worm hole rumor that sounds great on paper but as usual has no backing evidence. On the flip side the rest of Randy’s story gives a good impression and to hear Captain Kaye rattle on about his experience, the guy doesn’t slow down or miss a beat - it’s all fluid, instant recall with just the right amount of emotional context.

Super soldiers are nothing new and I would actually be quite surprised if the US government was NOT working on a super soldier. We even had a movie with Kurt Russell about it, so it’s not such a wild concept. We have also heard through multiple sources, all putting forth the same story that humans are currently experiencing DNA hybrid upgrades so this also is nothing new and yes this is occurring in the general population as well. You, might have advanced DNA and not be aware of it. The MILAB or Ultra Black military program of taking and breaking young children in order to make them into controlled super beings is nothing new and this might have origins from Nazi scientist who came over to the US after WWII in what is commonly known as Operation Paperclip. Whitley Strieber has talked at length about his own horrific memories of being in Texas and encountering MILAB types as a young child and he believes this might have been a prelude to his ability to interact with the Greys.

We don’t have to believe every word of these reports and in this case there is no way to verify Captain Kaye is even real, but it does leave us scratching our heads when over the course of a few years we see a handful of interviews like this, all saying basically the same thing over and over. The real evidence of ET contact won’t come from politicians or the evening news it’s going to only take shape inside your head when you read story after story and begin to connect the dots.

Focus on the Future

I also want to clarify quickly about some of the Object Report* posts that could be considered “conspiracy theory” oriented. It is obvious in this day and age that there is a military industrial complex, bankers, spies and black government people hiding skeletons in the closet.

The Object Report* is more interested in the FUTURE than the past. We are posting links related to black government secrets and NSA snooping from time to time because we believe ET contact is underway and all of these agencies will either be exposed for what they are or will undergo a transformation during the ever growing ET presence and contact phase.

Specifically, it is our understanding the secret government agencies, having more awareness of the reality of the planet than the general public, are going all out to retain their secrecy and to prolong their grip on global information flow and the intimidation of eye witnesses and of course, the retention of endless financial funds to do as they wish. So in essence, we have a lot of posturing and puffing before the inevitable sets in and changes everything. Our agenda is for these posts to create a baseline of activity so we can create an ongoing plot graph of what is happening, not to be dragged down into defeatism - but to the contrary we all need to relax, kick back and enjoy the show as this old paradigm of secretive control, crumbles piece by piece. – Agent D, The Object Report*

*The Object Report changed hands in March of 2018 and is now owned and operated by someone other than Agent D and Agent K. Its Original Content can proably be found by searching “wayback” at


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