How the Covert-Ops’ Reverse Engineering of ET Abductees Shifts the Abduction Paradigm

Part II

By Melinda Leslie


“The reason for a name change is simply that the acronym MILAB puts such an emphasis on the experience being military driven….It is doubtful that the military is actually directing this program. It is more likely that a covert intelligence and ET information management group that I, and some others, call the ‘cabal,’ uses military personnel to conduct and carry out its operations.”

Why a Name Change?

Again, I started to notice a great amount of confusion about the term “MILAB” and the scenarios it has come to represent, much of it appearing divergent from my research. The confusion seems to stem from both misidentification problems and incorrect assumptions. Over time I’ve come to learn of possible reasons and sources for this. I’ll attempt to shed some light on why this may be.

You may be familiar with one or more of the following three assumptions regarding MILABS and their meaning:  #1 is the idea that all abductions are actually perpetrated by the military and that there aren’t any actual ET experiences. #2 is that all ET abductions are mind control experiments. And #3, is that all MILABS are false, perpetrated by ET screen memories or hybrids in uniforms and don’t involve any actual human personnel. I find it interesting these three ideas are from such opposite ends of the spectrum; from there not being any ET abductions, to abductions being only the ETs with no military involvement. Never mind that each of these extremes excludes large amounts of information easily and abundantly found in the research of actual MILAB cases. I’ll address each of these three assumptions and where they most likely originated.

Abductions by “Military Only”

The idea that all abductions are caused by the military and that there aren’t any ET ones has been proposed by multiple individuals over the years. The most notable are the researchers Helmut and Marion Lammer, authors of MILABS: Military Mind Control and ET Abduction, 1999, and Dr. Steven Greer, Director of the Disclosure Project and author of Disclosure, 2001.

In the case of the Lammer’s, they entertained the idea of mind control procedures having played such a large part in the MILAB scenario as to suggest that many experiences could be wholly due to mind control. Of course, I can’t rule out that mind control may be the causal factor for some experiences, but it does not appear to be the sole reason for any of the cases in my research database. To the degree the Lammer’s demonstrated that mind control procedures are heavily involved in some experiences, I agree they are. For many years, I fought with the idea that mind control played an important part in experiences, but have since realized it is part-and-parcel part of the MILAB experience.

Mind control methods show up in the procedures used to control the abductee during an experience, but even more so in the procedures to suppress the abductees’ memory of the experience. At this point, I can definitively say that MILAB perpetrators have the combined use of intimidation, fear, drugs, and hypnosis down to a science. But, at the same time, mind control falls far short of explaining all the forms of evidence abundant in these experiences and it does nothing towards addressing all the reasons why there is a covert military/intelligence interest in abductees. Later I’ll get into why it’s happening.

After a closer read of the Lammer’s book it becomes clear that they are only offering mind control as a possible explanation for the experiences along with that of ET causality. They never attempt to explain all abduction reports as solely mind control and were only noting MILAB experiences may be in some cases. In the Lammer’s defense, in Helmut’s paper written previous to the book, titled Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB: Evidence for Military Kidnappings of Alleged UFO Abductees, 1996, he wrote:

“I think that abduction cases involving abductee reports of being abducted by the military as well as ET beings are very important for two reasons:  1.) If the UFO community has evidence that a covert military intelligence task force is involved in the abduction phenomenon, we would know that this phenomenon represents a matter of national security. 2.) The alleged military involvement in the abduction phenomenon could be evidence that the military uses abductees for mind control experiments as test-targets for microwave weapons. Moreover, the military could be monitoring and even kidnapping abductees for information gathering purposes during, before and after a UFO abduction.”

My thoughts exactly!  His statement here concurs with the main points of my research thesis and clearly demonstrates that he does not believe that all abductions are done only by the military.

Dr. Steven Greer

In the case of Dr. Greer, he has implied on several occasions that because all abductions are “negative” (in his interpretation anyway) they are caused only by the military and that there are no real ET abduction experiences. I think his views on this need to be taken with a giant grain of salt. In the past, I’ve generally been a supporter of Dr. Greer’s disclosure efforts and feel he should be commended for those efforts, but in this case, I strongly disagree with his conclusions.

I feel Dr. Greer’s views should be taken with a grain of salt for a couple of reasons. I once spoke with him briefly about MILABS and he contends his information that abduction is only being performed by the military comes from the accounts of some yet to be disclosed “insiders” who spoke with him regarding personal experiences of being involved in perpetrating false ET abduction scenarios.

In an interview by Randy Peyser in 1999, Greer said that these individuals claimed to be on “abduction squads” creating scenarios using human-built “UFOs and biological matter” used “to make it look like there are extraterrestrial events going on which are, in fact, 100 percent human in origin.”  He also said,

 “People who have had real ET encounters have subsequently been targeted for this kind of faux experience to confuse the database and put a spin of fear on the subject.”

I cannot help but wonder if what was actually being disclosed to him by these individuals were true accounts of MILAB re-abductions, happening because the abductees were having very real ET experiences, and that his retelling of these accounts is greatly influenced by Dr. Greer’s very public personal views regarding his own ET contact experiences.

He has always related his personal contact experiences as having been only “positive” benign events. And has insisted that all “real” contact experiences are only “positive” and therefore any “negative” ones, or those perceived as being “scary,” are not real. Thus, upon hearing these insiders’ accounts of involvement, he may have heard what he wanted to hear – experiences that did not conflict with his anti-abduction position. I believe he chooses to have a very one-sided view due to his own contact experiences and is conveniently able to explain away any he perceives as “negative” as being military in origin now that these insider folks have seemingly confirmed it for him.

Dr. Michael Salla

After my first draft of this article was already written, I came across a paper by Dr. Michael Salla, one of the lead researchers in the Exopolitics movement of ufology, on his website, titled ExoPolitics Vs. ExoSpin: A Response to Dr. Steven Greer, where he critiques Dr. Greer’s views and wrote:

 “…Greer regularly refers to the (MILABS) phenomenon offered by Dr. Helmut Lammer to support his thesis that all alleged abuses attributed to extraterrestrials can be ascribed to MILABS imitating extraterrestrials or to individuals projecting psychological traumas onto benign extraterrestrial visitors. This is a distortion of the evidence provided by Dr. Lammer who does not exclude the possibility that extraterrestrials are violating human rights during the abduction phenomenon, only that the military is attempting to replicate extraterrestrial methods and violating human rights in the process.”

“…While his effort to spin data concerning extraterrestrial activities in a positive light may be perceived by some to be well intentioned, it is in reality both naive and dangerous to distort public perceptions in this manner given the extensive data suggesting that extraterrestrials have been involved in systematic human rights violations and that some government agencies have been complicit in these.” 

Dr. Salla goes on to say Greer’s view is:

“…a highly selective approach that supports a preconceived conclusion of only advanced benign extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.” 

And Dr. Salla points out that Greer’s view is at odds with many of his own Disclosure Project witness testimonies. Thank you Dr. Salla, apparently I’m not alone.

When I spoke to Dr. Greer, I told him I would like to talk with his insider contacts and he vehemently refused. I wonder if given the chance to interview these individuals, I might discover their experiences are actually more consistent with what one might expect from a MILAB perpetrator. I suspect the information might be more in line with the case evidence and not so supportive of Dr. Greer’s limited view that there are “no bad ETs.” Fellow MILAB researcher Joe Montaldo and I have both spoken with such insider types, who have claimed to be involved as perpetrators, but so far those accounts have only supported the abductees’ experiences and not one of these individuals has ever said they perpetrated a completely false ET abduction scenario.

The idea that abductions are mind control experiments can originally be attributed to a publication written by researcher Martin Cannon titled The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction, 1989, in which Mr. Cannon, in reality, made the argument that a covert mind control program may account for some alien abductions. In a conversation I had with Mr. Cannon, he expressed anger and frustration that so many people in ufology had taken his paper to mean that he was claiming that all ET abductions were mind control experiments, when in fact he only meant to suggest a possible explanation for “some” ET experiences.

He actually thought many abductions probably were carried out by ETs and said his theory was only that, a theory. After our discussion, I asked him to provide me with a statement in writing clarifying this for the record, and he did. This document states clearly that he offered The Controllers only as a possible theory and that he has always supported an alien hypothesis as well.

Continue Reading Part III: Conditioned Response, MILABs as Perpetrated by Hybrids, Not Military Directed, and Back to the Future.

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Melinda Leslie is a researcher, investigator and lecturer in the field of ufology. She has been public with her own abduction encounter experiences for over 20 years and has researched covert-ops and military involvement in abductions for nearly the same length of time. She has interviewed over 80 abductees who have experienced MILABs, which involve military appearing personnel who use drug induced interrogations and hypnosis in order to retrieve extraterrestrial related information from alien abductees. Melinda’s research is featured in the book; Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure: Deconstructing a Cover-up of the Extraterrestrial Presence by Randy Koppang.

Melinda Leslie has lectured for numerous organizations including MUFON, The X-Conference, The Bay Area UFO Expo, UFO Expo West, The International UFO Congress, The Whole Life Expo, and others. She has been a guest on numerous popular radio shows including Coast-to-Coast AM, and has appeared on several television shows. For nine years she was the Producer and Director of a UFO lecture series hosting the most prominent names in ufology. In addition to her abduction work, Leslie has been a paranormal researcher for over 25 years and a founding member of the Orange County Paranormal Researchers Group, an organization which conducts formal paranormal investigations.

Melinda Leslie, also known as “The UFO Lady,” co-operates the Center for the New Age in Sedona, Arizona. Among other duties, she hosts UFO Sighting Tours and Tours of Vortexes. Her company also houses a UFO Research Center which holds regular UFO Discussion Groups. MILABS-Alien-Abduction.jpg


Melinda Leslie is available to present her research regarding How the Covert-ops’ Reverse-Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees Redefines UFO Cover-ups and Abduction Paradigms. Leslie speaks about the management of extraterrestrial related information and technology that includes the monitoring and re-abduction of alien abductees. She explains that just as covert-ops personnel gather and reverse engineer extraterrestrial craft, they also gather and reverse-engineer abductees – and for the same reasons: furthering the development of secret technology programs and control of extraterrestrial information. She explains how military surveillance enables them to re-abduct and interrogate abductees in order to gather information on ET motives, ET genetics, abductee psi/paranormal abilities and ET technology.


Melinda believes covert-ops’ involvement may be the best evidence for the reality and importance of UFO abduction. Additionally, her presentation demonstrates why there can’t be official disclosure without it addressing the abduction phenomenon. Melinda also conducts weekly UFO Discussion Groups for those who wish to share their personal experiences or to hear about her abduction and sighting experiences and/or have questions. All things UFO and ET are discussed and everyone is welcome.




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