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Historical Perspective and the Pros and Cons


“Induce hypnosis very rapidly in unwitting subjects... Create durable amnesia... Implant durable and operationally useful posthypnotic suggestions.”

By Global ET Research

Hypnosis is often described as a state of relaxation during which the subject retains a certain amount of control. However, what the hypnotist says and how they say it can have long-lasting effects on an individual. People can be led to answer questions in a particular manner while under hypnosis. Consider the following definitions that have been published in two random university psychology textbooks:

“Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility in which a person is unusually willing to comply with the hypnotist’s directives, including those that alter perceptions of self and the environment.” [1] Some of the reputed effects of hypnosis include enhanced memory, pain reduction, improved athletic performance, improved scholarly performance, and the ability to remember earlier stages of development. [2] Some researchers believe that hypnosis can also be used by therapists to create split personalities in their patients. [3]

Of course, we are not implying that abduction researchers who use hypnosis in their research into “alien abductions” or ET Contact are doing anything such as this. Rather, this discussion is designed to introduce the reader to what scientists affiliated with the CIA have done in the past, and how powerful and lasting the effects of hypnosis can be on particular individuals.

The following is a brief look at some of the more notorious scientists for their work with hypnosis.

George Estabrooks

Dr. George Estabrooks was the head of psychology at Colgate University during the 1930s. Estabrooks believed that, “…hypnosis did not work on everyone and that only one person in five made a good enough subject to be placed in a deep trance...” [4] In addition, hypnosis and narco-hypnosis, (the combination of drugs and hypnosis) have been shown to make subjects believe they were talking to someone other than the scientist-interrogator. [5]

The CIA’s First Behavioral Research Czar

During the early years of the Cold War, the CIA found their first “behavioral research czar.” His name was Morse Allen and one of his successes with hypnosis was getting “young CIA secretaries to stay after work and proving to his own satisfaction that [with the use of hypnosis] he could make them do whatever he wanted.” [6]

During Morse Allen’s early work with hypnosis, his aim was to “...take an existing ego state such as an imaginary childhood playmate, and build it into a separate personality, unknown to the first.” Allen would then work with this “new” personality he created and would “command it to carry out specific deeds about which the main personality would know nothing. There would be inevitable leakage between the two personalities, particularly in dreams; but if the hypnotist were clever enough, he could build in cover stories and safety valves which would prevent the subject from acting inconsistently.” [7]

This in fact was actually done to a talented and beautiful young woman named Candy Jones during the decade of the sixties and she was not the only victim of this type of abuse. Candy Jones was eventually used by the CIA as a courier and became a victim of abuse and torture for over ten years. Her case was investigated by Donald Bain and published in 1976 in The Control of Candy Jones. [8]

This “leakage” of information is pertinent to our discussion because it has the potential to also relate to abductions and/or ET Contact events. Many researchers believe that the beings use a type of post hypnotic suggestion so their subjects will not remember their abduction or Contact event. However, we know from the information that has been reported by abductees that much information, has, in fact, “leaked out” and according to some of the latest, best research to date, many people – hundreds in fact – are remembering portions of their ET or “other” Contacts consciously, i.e., without the use of hypnosis. [9]

Since we no doubt have “clever” hypnotists and ET beings, perhaps “cover stories and safety valves” have been built in during the amnesia induction process. In other words, as Martin Cannon pointed out in The Controllers [10] as well as Dr. Karla Turner did in her work [11]; we must consider the possibility that some of the information we are getting from abductee-experiencers might in fact be cover stories, perhaps even information to throw our investigations off track. Of course, it is quite possible that this hypothesis is incorrect and what these hundreds or more people remember consciously is factually accurate.

Office of Naval Research and Hypnosis

Dr. Orne was the head of the Office of Naval Research’s Committee on hypnosis. He helped to develop the coercive use of hypnotic mind control for the CIA. Dr. Orne also received large sums of money from the CIA to support his hypnosis research at Harvard University. [12]

Dr. Orne believed that, “A [subject] who is able to develop good posthypnotic amnesia will also respond to suggestions to remember events which did not actually occur. On awakening, [subject] will instead recall the suggested events. If anything, this phenomenon is easier to produce than total amnesia, perhaps because it eliminates the subjective feeling of an empty space in memory.” [13]

This is a confusing scenario to consider if you are an abductee-experiencer or a researcher. One cannot imagine either group of individuals wanting to admit that they could be so manipulated by other humans or extraterrestrials and advanced intelligences. However, it is important to consider that this may, in fact, be occurring. We are not implying that all “alien abductions” and ET Contact experiences can be explained with these techniques, but we must look at what humans (and ETs) might be capable of.

The CIA’s Specific Goals

John Marks carried out an excellent investigation of the Counterintelligence Division of the CIA during the 1960s and he discovered that the CIA had three specific goals at that time. We’re talking 50 years ago. Think about that timeframe… especially any Millennials who are reading this. There’s so much your generation was not taught in school or through life’s historical lessons that generations before you lived via the counterculture era; read about in actual books, and learned about in school.

The CIA’s Counterintelligence Division’s Specific Goals were:

(1) Induce hypnosis very rapidly in unwitting subjects;

(2) Create durable amnesia;

(3) Implant durable and operationally useful posthypnotic suggestions. [14]


Much has been learned regarding the use of hypnosis and there are certainly many positives for its use as well as negatives. Mainly, it depends on who, how and for what purposes hypnosis is being utilized – as well as the psychological profile of the subject undergoing the procedure.

It is clear by this brief overview that if human agents working in the capacity of MILAB / REAB organizations wished for someone to remember “aliens” instead of humans, it could be accomplished. And, if aliens wanted abductee-experiencers to remember humans, that, could be very easily accomplished. Indeed, according to the latest research being conducted by FREE, one of several surprising findings was:

“The ‘Human Looking Being’ is the most common type of being seen by Experiencers and not the Short or Tall Greys.” [15]

If a subject has been implanted with a sophisticated biometric or neurological implant – which humans have had for several decades – either group may have found a way around getting to the subject each time physical contact is required. It is possible that “they” – ET or human – could manipulate the subject to come to them. Strange “job interviews” with hybrids? Wandering outside in the night to check out a strange light? Seeing “raccoons,” “owls,” “deer,” or “opossums” peering at you though your window? Feeling the uncanny desire to be somewhere else or drive to a secluded location, but not understanding why?

We believe that our technology is in fact catching up to and meeting and merging with ETs or at least Others, and we are probably closer than ever to figuring out what is happening to us and our planet. What’s really interesting about this is: What if the beings we are chasing turn out to be ourselves – perhaps humans from a different time or a parallel Universe who have come back or somehow have crossed the veil to intentionally make contact? The next logical question we have to ask ourselves is “WHY”?

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A few examples of low to mid-level psyops are the Guardian case, the Alien Autopsy film and SERPO. Tactics such as these have been used against people and organizations investigating this subject for decades. Take a look at NSA Locations in the United States and why San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base is Probably Why Whitley Strieber is Experiencing This: Something Wicked My Way Comes


October 2016 Updates / CIA Renditions

RE: CIA Renditions and the 1953 Budget

Since the original version of this article was published, the link to the CIA source (below) was changed to redirect to a questionable page on a different site. We have provided new Sources below for your reference.

Additionally, the links from have been ‘killed’ and the original source site was taken off of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. (See links below)

Quick View of MKULTRA Subprojects – This site is on Wayback – Link removed from wikipedia

CIA documents suggest that “chemical, biological and radiological” means were investigated for the purpose of mind control as part of MKULTRA. A secret memorandum granted the MKULTRA director up to six percent of the CIA research budget in fiscal year 1953, without oversight or accounting. An estimated $10 million USD (roughly $87.5 million adjusted for inflation) or more was spent.  – Link removed from wikipedia  – Link removed from wikipedia

New References Below

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Free Download of Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control

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“...we are not implying that abduction researchers [such as Raymond Fowler] who use hypnosis in their research into ‘alien abductions’ or ET Contact are doing anything [unethical]. Rather, this discussion is designed to introduce the reader to what scientists affiliated with the CIA have done in the past, and how powerful and lasting the effects of hypnosis can be on particular individuals.”



“The P300 response or P3 wave, is a… long latency response that your brain has to a stimulus. It can be created by clicks, tones, flashes of light or practically any other stimulus that a person can detect. Scientists are able to measure it and it is believed to represent a decision-making activity endogenous to the cortex. In the late 1970s, scientists were studying this and other ways of measuring attention under a grant from the Department of Defense....”


The room was filled with people in the revolving door game. There were people that I had seen once in a military uniform and other times in a gray suit and an industry outfit. These people play a revolving door game. They work as consultants, industry people, and/or military and intelligence people. They work in the industries and they revolve themselves through these doors and right into government positions.” – Dr. Carol Rosin


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We have come a long way. Today we have “directed energy weapons which emit highly focused energy, transferring that energy to a target to manipulate or damage it.... The energy can come in various forms including, but not limited to, electromagnetic radiation, including radio frequency, microwave, lasers and masers, particles with mass, particle-beam weapons, and sound with the use of sonic weapons.”




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