Alien Investigator
Case Files of Britain’s Leading
UFO Detective

By Tony Dodd

Reviewed by Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. Global-ET-Research: Tony-Dodd-Police-Serg-UFO-Alien-Investigator.jpg


Recently a close colleague of mine directed me to an exceptionally good book on UFOs. The book is titled Alien Investigator: The Case Files of Britain’s Leading UFO Detective by Tony Dodd. Despite the subtitle’s hype, the book turned out to be truly remarkable.


Why did it so captivate me? There are many good books written on this topic available to readers, so why was this one so special? After some thought, I found myself motivated by two reasons to write this review. The first is Tony Dodd’s skill in weaving his case files into compelling reading of events that only reside on the fringe of social consciousness. Alien Investigator also has a subtle authority about it. Reader’s soon come to realize this is no run-of-the-mill account of UFOs. This author has talent, intelligence, investigative skills and the kind of dogged determination needed to make sense of this phenomenon.


My second reason is the wide scope of topics covered in this book. This retired criminal investigator proves himself equal to the task of examining a myriad of topics related to UFOs. Be it sightings, alien abductions, telepathic communication, paranormal activity, recovered alien craft, animal mutilations, crop circles, underground bases, even exopolitics; the reader will discover that Tony Dodd has delved into the subject. Furthermore, whatever the topic, the author has a knack for uncovering new information about it. Global-ET-Research: Tony-Dodds-UFO-Sighting-Credit-Hesemann.jpg

The story begins in 1978 when Tony Dodd and a fellow officer experience a close encounter with a UFO while on routine patrol. A third police officer nearby also witnessed the object a little farther away. A private source familiar with the incident told me that as the senior officer, Tony declared he was going to file a formal written police report of the sighting. Apparently, fearing the consequence of making an official report, the other two officers were reluctant to do so. My informant also told me that Tony was certain that his forthrightness was the right thing to do, but his report actually closed the door to any further advancement within the force. However, it provided the impetus necessary to undertake decades of future investigative research into the phenomenon. Tony-Dodd-David-Cayton.jpg


UFO sightings often have profound effects upon witnesses. The dictum “Seeing is Believing” is a common consequence of such events. However, with some individuals, having a close encounter with a UFO invokes a kind of epiphany that changes their lives forever. Such was the case for the author; but in Tony Dodd’s case, he had the determination and investigative skills necessary to shed further light on the subject. Alien Investigator is a carefully crafted review his personal case files. While editorial considerations prevent me from fully illustrating the point, I can offer readers a few brief examples to support it.

Thomas Mantell Incident

The first example relates to the Thomas Mantell Incident which occurred in January 1948. It involved the pursuit of a large UFO spotted near a U.S. Air Force base in Kentucky. Captain Mantell along with two other P-51fighter escorts were diverted from their routine training exercise to investigate the sighting. One of the escorts was low on fuel and soon found it necessary to return to base. Then, shortly after their initial approach to the UFO, the second escort plane experienced multiple electronic malfunctions that caused the pilot to abandon further pursuit. Captain Mantell’s aircraft also experienced the same electronic and instrumentation difficulties, but he was able to recover control of his aircraft and resume pursuit. Upon closer approach, he began to describe its physical characteristics. Then, suddenly all contact ceased. His aircraft was later found at a crash site near the base with Captain Mantell dead within. Through a combination of luck and opportunistic foresight, Tony Dodd managed to locate and interview one of the original officers who had investigated the incident thus enabling him to provide readers with a wealth of new information about the case.

Animal Mutilations / Harvesting


Another topic that caught my attention was that of animal mutilations, Tony Dodd performed a great service by presenting the findings of a relatively unknown organization known as the Animal Pathology Field Unit or APFU. Under his urging, David Cayton and Fred Hoyle co-founded the organization in 2000. It assumed responsibility for investigating a wide range of animal mutilations occurring throughout the U.K. In Alien Investigator, Tony Dodd presents a number of important findings related to animal mutilations in Britain, Ireland and Scotland. For example, the APFU was first to report and investigate the mass decapitations of seals and mutilated dolphins being found off the coasts of Scotland, France and Canada. The APFU also determined that the brains of deer and other smaller animals were being suctioned out of their skulls through a small hole bored into the cranium. While many of the APFU’s findings parallel those found in North America, I discerned a number of other new intriguing findings in this work. For those interested in the subject of animal mutilations, Alien Investigator is a must read book; one which firmly supports the notion that these mutilations are the result of UFO activity.


NATO and other Military Involvement Confirmed

Lastly, in still another case presented in Alien Investigator, I learned of a UFO crash-recovery case of which I was completely unaware. On May 7, 1989, a South African Air Force fighter shot down a UFO over the Kalahari Desert. An informant working with the South African security forces told Tony Dodd that the UFO was recovered nearly intact. Along with the alien craft, his source claimed that two occupants had survived the crash. Shortly thereafter both the craft and its occupants were transferred to American military authorities amid very tight security. A description of the aliens, along with an extensive account of the attempt to conceal the entire event, is presented in the book. As some researchers have previously suggested, Tony Dodd was able to confirm that American, British and other NATO forces have been covertly involved in similar incidents over the years.


Unfortunately these few examples fail to fully illustrate the full scope of the book’s content. Alien Investigator covers a wide range of UFO related topics in a very informative way. Many North American researchers are involved in similar research, but our understanding of these subjects is limited to the findings of nationally recognized researchers and experiencers. We tend to be unaware of equally significant investigations taking place elsewhere in the world. Of course, differences in geography, language, media coverage and culture dampen efforts to be more globally literate. That’s why we should take advantage of opportunities to read about the findings of kindred researchers whenever possible. I recommend you treat yourself to such an experience. You will find that reading Alien Investigator was well worth your time and effort.


Tony Dodd Former UK Director of Quest International


Tony Dodd is recognized in the U.K. as Director of Research and Investigations for the Yorkshire based Quest International (later UFO Truth Magazine). He died March 25, 2009 of an inoperable brain tumor. In life he was well-liked and greatly respected for the quality and integrity of his work. Like all of things of true worth, his findings will endure. – Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. (November 2014)

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Tony Dodd

Tony Dodd is recognized in the United Kingdom as Director of Research and Investigations for the Yorkshire based Quest International (later UFO Magazine). He died March 25, 2009 of an inoperable brain tumor. In life he was well-liked and greatly respected for the quality and integrity of his work. Like all of things of true worth, his findings will endure. – Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. Global-ET-Research: Tony-Dodds-UFO-Sighting-Credit-Hesemann.jpg Global-ET-Research: Alien-Investigator-UKs-Leading-Detective.jpg Tony-Dodd-David-Cayton.jpg

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Richard Bonenfant

Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D., is a retired research scientist and lecturer. His research career at Albany Medical Center Hospital and the New York State Department of Health was centered on the study of birth defects in newborn children. He most recently retired from the Veterans’ Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, and is credited with publishing several professional articles on near-death experiences.

He has advanced degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, and is dedicated to the investigation of phenomena that lie on the fringes of scientific understanding. Subjective phenomena include such things as near-death experiences, synesthesia, xenoglossia, savant syndrome and hyperthymestic syndrome or individuals with exceptional autobiographical memories. Objective phenomena include verifiable paranormal experiences, crop circles and strange mutilations of unknown origin. There are other unusual phenomena deserving of investigation which he occasionally delves into under appropriate circumstances. These ancillary phenomena include instances of foreign accent syndrome, cases of apparent reincarnation, and human abduction experiences.

Richard Bonenfant is also the author of three works of “Faction” or Fiction based in Fact: Elizabeth Nolan, The Kendall Stone and The Boy Who Came From Nowhere.


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