Walking Among Us
The Alien Plan to Control Humanity

Part II

Reviewed by Global ET Research


Classification of ETs – The Alien Spectrum

One of our favorite sections of this book is Table 2: The Alien Spectrum, in which Dr. Jacobs provides an overview of the types of aliens, their physical characteristics and their function and role. It has been many years since this type of detailed information has been provided in a printed book format and we at Global ET Research as well as our Partners at Hybrids Rising and The Hybrids Project concur with much of the information published in these tables. One difference is Jacobs’ belief that the majority of extraterrestrials are assumed to be male as opposed to female or androgynous. In our research, we have clearly come across more females and beings of an androgynous nature than is present in Jacobs’ Alien Spectrum.

The Blondes and Nordics and/or Tall Whites are not included, but nevertheless, Table 2 will be very helpful to readers in envisioning how these beings appear and the roles they carry out. Another interesting aspect to this book is Dr. Jacobs’ research into Hybrids he refers to as Security Hybrids as well as Hubrids which he defines as “an independent group of Hybrids who appear totally human in every way except in specific neural functions.”

A Hubrid Encounter

These Hubrids are in essence what this book and the Program are all about. Hubrids are Alien-Human Hybrids who are the culmination of the apparent breeding program the aliens began decades ago. Some of them are now, according to Dr. Jacobs and others, living on Earth among us. This theory will come across to many people as astoundingly outlandish and if they are truly here and successful, the average human being may never realize it… Or will they?

We believe there are indeed Hubrids here because one of our Global ET Research contributors encountered a Hubrid on three different occasions and in three different locations. The being was quite tall, “unusually thin, but not of an anorexic nature” had “long black hair and dark skin” and was being escorted and “protected by a human companion.” We will not divulge the sex of the being or city in which this occurred, but at one location (a grocery store), a child of approximately 12 years of age was observed in the Hubrid’s proximity and the child reacted quite strongly to the being making a strange face and silently motioning to their mother to “Look! Look! What or who is that?” The mother and other people nearby – all of an older generation – reportedly did not seem to think anything was amiss.

During each of the three “sightings,” the witness said they felt “a distinct presence” and were very much aware that some type of a test was occurring – a “testing of the waters” so to speak. In all three locations, and on three different days spanning three to four weeks, certain people near this being and their human protector all reacted to their presence. The being appeared completely human, but there was “something different” about them that a few other people could detect. They did not know what they were seeing and they did not appear to understand their own reactions, but clearly, they were aware that someone very unusual was in their presence. It is for these reasons we wonder just how many Hubrids are here, living successfully. These sightings are not unprecedented or unknown to researchers and it’s curious that when they do occur and the beings are detected and reported, it is sometimes by a UFO and/or abduction researcher or an abductee.

“Special” Abductees

While debunkers love the opportunities the word “special” provides them to ridicule the phenomenon, abductees detest being called “special.” Everyone directly involved in this apparent Program cringes at labels such as “special” or “chosen,” but a simple fact exists: The aliens continually tell abductees that they are “special” or “chosen” and they also explain to them why they are viewed this way.

There is very disturbing information about this topic in Walking Among Us and we can relate to and/or confirm most of what Jacobs writes about regarding these so-called “special” abductees, their roles, and their talents, including the level of manipulation used upon and against them and then which is taught to them to use upon others. To do it justice, this is a discussion that needs to be read in its entirety because it’s complicated, extremely controversial and well – just “too darned special” to cover in a book review – specifically when it concerns “Neural Control over Humans.” Thankfully and truthfully, Jacobs makes it clear that abductees are not the enemy and they don’t enjoy these tasks and “special” talents in the least.

The last portion of Walking Among Us is a discussion of the how’s and why’s Dr. Jacobs sees the Alien Program and The Change of which he often speaks. The same Change which he believes has come to fruition. These discussion segments include: A seven-part Planetary Acquisition, Other Aliens visiting Earth, A New Form of Evolution, Do We Need to Know What’s Happening?, The Future, and Why?

Why do Aliens Want to Occupy the Planet?

Dr. Jacobs does not know. He also believes that neither abductees nor hybrids and hubrids know; however, he does speculate about survival, geo-political strength, Earth’s resources and economics. To his credit and his honest character that emerges in his writing, Dr. Jacobs states:

“I assume that all of these speculations may be proven wrong. There is probably a logical reason not yet evident, and I have not worked with enough abductees to find it. Regardless, it is safe to say that the aliens are engaged in planetary acquisition because they want to do it, they can do it, and it benefits them.”

Whether humanity will be taken over, replaced or supplanted via biological means, no one can know with certainty, but Walking Among Us is a very informative book. It is extremely well edited and has helpful endnotes, an index as well as an Appendix titled Evolution of an Abduction Researcher, which provides the reader with an insightful overview of Dr. Jacobs’ “second” career. We highly recommend Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity. It is 284 pages and published by Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, San Francisco, CA (2015).

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Hubrids are “…an independent group of Hybrids who appear totally human in every way except in specific neural functions.”


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You are special for many reasons, for several reasons…. All of the people from the surface who come to the ships are special because you are all prepared to participate in the great Change that will come to humanity. In addition, there are some like you who have been given special information and knowledge so that when The Change comes, you will know what to do and will be able to assist or help.” – A Hubrid named Eric, from WAU









“In 1991, Budd Hopkins, sociologist Ron Westrum, and I worked with the Roper Organization to determine how many people have had abduction-like experiences. Roper interviewed 5,986 randomly selected people across the United States. The pool, with an error rate of 1.4 percent, indicated that at minimum, 2 percent – 6,000,000 – Americans have had experiences with abduction-like characteristics. And that number reflects an exceptionally conservative analysis of the poll. Of course, to verify these numbers we would have to investigate each case. However, tens of thousands of people have contacted me and my colleagues detailing their abduction experiences…” – David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.



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