Unlocking Alien Closets

Abductions, Mind Control and Spirituality

By Leah A. Haley


“Leah relays abduction details that are familiar to the seasoned researcher and those who are well-read on the subject, but there are other types of experiences that will be new and some that might be difficult for some people to connect to ET interaction.”


Reviewed by K. Wilson for The MUFON Journal

Unlocking Alien Closets, Leah A. Haley’s fourth book she has self-published, is a deeply personal and complex account of her life experiences. It begins where Lost Was The Key ended in January of 1992 and ends in February of 2003.

Leah Haley’s life changed drastically in 1990 when she remembered two encounters that had occurred many years earlier. One involved a sighting of an unidentified craft and another involved non-human beings who took her aboard an alien craft and performed medical procedures on her. 

She remembered these events when she was teaching accounting, was happily married with two children and living what she considered a “normal” life. All of that changed after she remembered these two events and started asking questions and began looking into the possibility that she had encountered non-human beings. When she did, she discovered that there appeared to be a group of humans, who she refers to as OMAGS (1) who were very interested in her and the experiences she was remembering. 

Unlocking Alien Closets introduces a type of experience, one that the late Dr. Karla Turner (2) also wrote about, called VRE or virtual reality experiences. Leah has also included in this book dreams and dream-like experiences that are related to the abduction phenomenon. 

Leah provides an overview of the main events that led her to publish her first book Lost Was The Key. Unlocking Alien Closets covers a lot of new material that the reader will find very informative. I was impressed with everything she went through in order to find out what was happening to her and who was doing it while continuously trying to educate the public through her lectures, books, interviews and articles.

What struck me the most about this book is the deeply personal and painful life story Leah has shared with the public. The author herself describes part of this book as “…the high price I had to pay for going public with my experiences and details my ongoing struggle to cope. It also discusses the spiritual ramifications of my encounters.” And indeed, she has had to pay - monetarily, emotionally and physically.

I knew of some of the debunking tactics that had been used against Leah over the years, but I was not completely aware of the depths to which some of these people had lowered themselves. There are some shocking revelations in this book, which I hope that, rather than deterring other abductees to go public, will instead enlighten and teach them about the tactics that not only debunkers use, but some journalists, mental health care professionals and even people within the UFO community. There are good people out there who really want to find the truth and want to help abductees, but there are many more who do not. 

Leah gives many examples of the way people misled her - even lied to her - but I have to admit, in her determination to get the truth out and to help educate the public, she may have been somewhat naive in some of the choices she made. Leah learned some very painful, but important lessons relating to this subject in her quest for the truth that will be valuable for other abductees to be forewarned about.

The author goes into detail about what Marc Davenport (3) [now her late husband] presented in a paper that she wrote. It was about how marriages and relationships within the UFO community have been ruined or ended only for one of the people to be thrust into the life and arms of another, who are usually also interested or involved in the phenomenon. This occurs to both researchers and abductees. 

Leah shares many messages from what she calls “the secret voice.” One message from “the secret voice” told her about meeting her second husband Marc Davenport: The sad ending of Marc’s marriage, and then Marc and Leah happily falling in love and marrying one another follows this. Even though Leah was never quite sure if the secret voice was benevolent or trying to trick her, the rest is history. Leah and Marc are continuing to work on their common goal of educating the public about the phenomenon through their books by way of Greenleaf Publications and giving speeches and presentations.

Leah relays abduction details that are familiar to the seasoned researcher and those who are well-read on the subject, but there are other types of experiences that will be new and some that might be difficult for some people to connect to ET interaction. Leah asks many questions about odd occurrences throughout her life, many of which cannot be answered at this time. This book contains some questions and speculation that may have been related to coincidental occurrences, but nevertheless, the events still had a powerful affect on her. 

Leah admits to not understanding everything that has happened to her and to her credit, she states that she is not sure if everything she remembers is accurate, and some events she does not even understand. However, putting all of the information ‘on the table’ so to speak, is what is important. I believe, as does the author, that this is necessary in order to find commonalities between different cases and different types of experiences. 

The study of alien abductions has taught us that most abductees remember their experiences consciously. It has led us from sightings of unusual craft in the sky to contact with non-human beings. It has demonstrated to us mysteries such missing time, the ability of the aliens to use camouflage, morphing and invisibility techniques as well as screen memories. And, it has taken some of us, reluctantly, into a very dark place that most people simply do not want to believe is real.

This is a place where abductees describe remembering seeing human beings wearing military uniforms, surgical gowns, white physicians’ jackets or regular civilian attire. A place where guns are pointed into the faces of a few unfortunate abductees – a place where they remember being threatened, interrogated, violated or sometimes even aiding certain “government” people. It is a place and a set of circumstances that to most ufologists, does not exist - it simply doesn’t happen.

There are some readers who are going to find this aspect of her story difficult to accept, so perhaps sharing one theory she puts forth in Unlocking Alien Closets might help you to understand one possible motive of the people she calls the OMAGS. Quoting from her book:

“If I were conducting illegal mind-control experiments, whom would I test them on? …I would need to conduct them on unsuspecting members of the general population, just as some members of our military and scientific community have done before. Who would be among the best-suited candidates for mind-control experiments? Alien abductees. Were I to use the right drugs, they should not remember. But since everyone thinks they are crazy anyway, if they were to remember and were to start telling people they were victims of mind-control experiments, no one would believe them. If a [victim] did happen to be too credible, I could simply destroy her testimony by engaging in radical debunking ploys.” 


A theory I have put forth is; what if some clandestine group in our government or a large corporation wanted to learn everything they could about the ETs? Short of capturing one themselves, the best way to do it would be to monitor someone they know is an abductee. They would learn everything they can about their subject and after an alien abduction, find out everything the abductee remembers, even if it means having to re-abduct them and drugging them to do it.

Though these theories may seem far-fetched to some, the fact is, some abductees do report having been on military bases (above and below ground) and have seen military personnel with and without ET beings present. Is this alien deception - a simple screen memory? What if it is not? Do we look into it or do we keep our mouths shut because it makes too many people feel uncomfortable?

There are far too many unusual circumstances in Leah’s life and far too many unusual coincidences in this book for the author to simply be paranoid and delusional or whatever label you wish to use. Yes, there are times when Leah even admits to being paranoid about her new husband Marc, but they resolve their issues and work through it. I don’t know anyone who has been abducted by aliens and remembers seeing military people, bases, hospitals, etc, who hasn’t wondered why they are remembering such things and question their sanity. Are these really just screen memories? 

Whether OMAG abductions or MILABS (4) are really happening or whether it is alien deception, it is important to understand why and how they are being done. This is crucial in order to find out what the truth is behind abductions.

Leah Haley shares all of herself with the reader in this book – her conscious life experiences, her dreams, virtual reality experiences, the negative things people have done to her and the positive things that have come out of her ordeal. 

Despite losing her first husband through a very sad divorce, the love of one of her children, her dream home, jobs, her health for a time, and a lot of money, she still managed to publish this book. She was resolute so she could continue to fulfill what she believes is the reason God put her on Earth: to educate the public about the alien abduction phenomenon, and the way for her to do that is to tell the truth about what has happened to her.

Her belief in God and Jesus Christ is what I believe has gotten her this far. Her faith is very strong and has been important in helping her to conquer the negativity that comes with being involved in alien abductions and mind control - what Leah now believes is a form of spiritual warfare. 

Unlocking Alien Closets ends on a positive note with helpful advice for abductees, and although her experiences have not ended, Leah is on her way to a positive recovery from her ordeal with aliens and humans.



[1] OMAGS is an acronym Leah uses for “Obnoxious Military and Government Scoundrels.”

[2] Karla Turner, Ph.D., Into the Fringe, Taken and Masquerade of Angels.

[3] Marc Davenport, author of Visitors From Time. He presented Leah’s paper titled “The UFO Community’s Dirty Little Secret and Why No One Is Talking About It” at a conference in Mesquite, NV in 1994.

[4] MILABS is an acronym that stands for Military Abductions of alleged UFO Abductees and also refers to abductees who have been kidnapped by intelligence and scientific groups.

For more information concerning MILAB abductions:

Other books by Leah A. Haley: Lost Was the Key, Ceto’s New Friends, In Heaven.

Reviewed by K. Wilson for The MUFON Journal (2004)

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Leah Haley

Leah A. Haley


Leah A. Haley is the author of Lost Was the Key, Ceto’s New Friends, (a children’s book), In Heaven and perhaps her best work, Unlocking Alien Closets: Abduction, Mind Control and Spirituality. She has also published numerous articles in various UFO related magazines and has lectured extensively in the U.S.

Leah Haley holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from the University of Alabama, a master’s degree in education from the University of North Alabama, and a master’s degree in business administration from Mississippi State University. She taught accounting at the university level for several years. She was Executive partner of Greenleaf Publications, which she founded in 1992 with her (late) husband Marc Davenport. She was a certified public accountant and owned an accounting practice in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for a number of years. Leah now resides in Florida, is married and has two adult children.




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