Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations

Part IV

By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.



It’s now time to assemble our observations in some meaningful way. What follows is pure speculation. We are looking down into a deep well that cannot be fathomed. Furthermore, I confess, from the start, of being a relative newcomer to the subject and therefore naïve about many aspects of the problem. However, because it’s part of our nature to make sense of our world, I think it is important the attempt be made even if it’s launched from a limited perspective.

The ubiquitous presence of animal mutilations and their long duration suggests that considerable thought has been invested in this endeavor. I will begin by assuming that alien agencies are responsible the mutilation phenomenon. There is little or no credible evidence that natural predation or human activity can account for it. By contrast, there is robust circumstantial evidence that mysterious nocturnal lights, UFOs, and silent, phantom-like helicopters are intimately associated with UFO activity.

Who and How?

Having made that assumption, the presence of silent, hovering, non-terrestrial craft in our skies would imply a high degree of technological sophistication and possession of abilities far in advance of our own. It would only take beings with these attributes a short while to achieve an understanding of the physical state of our Planet and of the various species that inhabit it. It’s a far challenging task for us to understand the purpose for their actions. Depending upon the degree of their advancement, understanding their motives may even lie beyond our comprehension. Still, we must try because their activities have a direct bearing on our lives.

What is immediately evident is that these entities have a deep interest in domestic grazing animals because they are deliberately being targeted for mutilation throughout the world. There are of course related aspects to these assaults. Other land and sea mammals are also being mutilated. But by far, the largest category of mutilated animals is cattle and horses, sheep and goats - all of which are herbivores, or domestic grass grazing animals.

Then of course, there’s the clandestine aspect of the mutilation. Since most of the mutilations take place at night, it seems likely that those responsible don’t want to be seen or identified. Even daytime mutilations, which are a rarity, only take place in locations secure from accidental observation. Therefore, it would appear that those responsible are deliberately attempting to conceal their methods and activities from us.

Given the absence of blood, tracks or evidence as to how the animals are being taken, it can be assumed that targeted animals are somehow being lifted from their initial locations into some craft and mutilated there, or else they’re transported to an alternate setting for harvesting. I would tend to rule out the possibility that helicopters, silent or otherwise, are being used in these activities. Capturing selected targets from a mobile herd in the darkness of night then hoisting them to a different location would be a daunting task, even for advanced aliens.

If reported accounts of UFOs using some kind of light or antigravity device to float abductees into their craft are valid, then perhaps targeted animals are similarly captured. If the craft was of considerable size, the abductors could then eviscerate the animals with great speed and efficiency before depositing their remains. However, I cannot account for why the mutilated remains are later dropped off and not simply cremated in some advanced way.

Within an operative setting, captured animals are likely drained of all blood prior to the removal of their organs. It would be logical to assume that a laser-like device is used to create openings from which various organs are extracted. While the exact method used in removing soft tissue remains unknown, I suggest that some kind of device is inserted through these portals which first liquefies the internal organs to the point where they can be suctioned out. This method would be consistent with a biopsy observation noted by law enforcement officers that both the heart and liver removed from a mutilated carcass had the consistency of soft peanut butter. [18]

Lastly, if Dr. Burgess’ findings that nearly 90 percent of mutilated cattle reported to him were between four and five years of age is correct, then target animals must be pre-selected or even tagged “before” extraction. We know that in cases where humans are abducted by aliens, small devices are often inserted into their anatomy for possible reasons of location and/or control. Why couldn’t similar devices be remotely implanted into bovine targets prior to collection? Implants could facilitate locating specific targets under adverse conditions and they may even be capable of immobilizing the animal for collection.

Why Mutilations May Be Occurring

It’s now time to address the question of why mutilations are being carried out on selected animals. The fact that animals are so frequently mutilated implies monitoring a variable that changes over time. Furthermore, because of the types of organs removed, specifically the digestive tract, udders, and reproductive organs, it’s like that the subject on their interest has to do with the consumption and digestion of food and possibly their mutagenic effects.

The primary source of food for cattle is grass and grain supplement. We have long known that grass can be contaminated by many factors including; pesticides, herbicides, contaminated water, even long term radiation exposure. Of course this list is not comprehensive, but all these factors are linked to environmental contamination.

Alternatively, contamination may also be derived from food supplements. For cattle and other grazers this would be feed grain. Much of the grain currently given to animals contains reconstituted animal parts that have been added for nutritional purposes. In many cases these additives originate from the same kinds of animals that ingest them. The greatest threat from reconstituted grain for both cattle and the humans who in turn eat them, lies in the formation of prions. A prion is an abnormally-shaped protein strand that plays havoc with brain tissue and internal organs of the host that ingests it. Unfortunately, it’s especially dangerous if it comes from ingesting the reconstituted remains of the same species. Prions belong to a broad category of diseases known as Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE), and this category includes Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie, and Kuru. All of these diseases form as a result of the formation of prions. In addition:

The ban on meat from Europe because of the specific TSE disease called Mad Cow was put in place because of the deleterious effects that this meat could have on humans. There is also a high degree of support that TSE-tainted meat could be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. The reported cases of this disease have shown a marked increase since 1975 and it continues to rise. Since the rise of Alzheimer’s is a relatively new development, some theorize that it could be the result of the ingestion of tainted meat.” [19]

Another factor that suggests prions may be the reason why cattle and other grazers are being mutilated is that there have previously been a lot of TSE-related outbreaks in the previous years among various wild animals in the United States. Specifically, the elk and deer populations of North America have suffered various TSE plagues and there was a well-documented case of Mink deaths as a result of being fed TSE-contaminated milk. This last observation could account for why udders are often removed from cows during mutilation.
Perhaps the most instructive factors in considering why monitoring the presence of prions or prion-like agents in our food chain may be the reason for the long term mutilation of our livestock is that testing for the presence of prions in infected animals is extremely specific and requires laboratory instruments. Specifically, four organs are used in a necropsy to test for the existence of TSE prions. These organs are the rectum, reproductive organs, tongue, and eye; the very same organs most commonly taken from mutilated animals.

It’s also possible that TSE-tainted meat could be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. As previously noted, the number of reported Alzheimer’s cases continues to rise at an alarming rate. While there exists no definitive proof that Alzheimer’s is caused by the ingestion of prion tainted meat, its possibility remains highly suggestive. Aliens with a more advanced bio-technology may have a sophisticated understanding of the harmful effects of various pathogens upon the food chain. Ecological studies have shown that human beings are a part of a complex web where minor alterations can cause complex repercussions; repercussion perhaps not appreciated by us, but clearly evident to entities with a more evolved bio-consciousness.

It is also well recognized in the abductee literature that many aliens subject their “guests” to a kind of environmental indoctrination. They are shown scenes of our Planet’s environment’s morphing from a pristine world to one degraded by human mismanagement and war into a kind of purgatory devoid of all beauty and splendor. I can imagine that expanding civilizations far more advanced than our own may realize that Earth-like planets are extremely rare and the richness in biodiversity our planet provides may be of special interest to them. In their prolonged experience, aliens may feel that our Planet deserves greater care than we have thus far provided. Of course whether this concern for our planet’s well being is for us, them, or a hybrid race, or even both is impossible to discern.

In all probability non-terrestrial visitors represent a multitude of different entities, each with a different origin, history, culture, technology, social architecture, and agenda. How could Pacific Islanders centuries ago have understood the complex psychology of visiting western Europeans in their tall white sailing vessels? Some cosmic visitors may have senses and minds than we may never be able to fathom. While human behavior is loosely founded on love, empathy, and moral guidelines, those who abduct our citizenry and mutilate our cattle may be guided by dedication to an objective that we can only vaguely understand. For the present, their long term concern regarding the survival of our species remains unknown. But whatever their ultimate agenda may be, I sense that it is dedicated to something that requires continually monitoring our environment through the gut of mutilated animals.


Autopsy Report

Evidence supporting the existence of a phenomenon known as animal mutilations is ubiquitous and robust. Conventional explanations have failed to account for a number of attributes associated with the phenomenon, specifically; preciseness of the mutilations, bizarre forensic findings uncovered during necropsies, the lack of any known human activity that could account for the assaults, and lastly their enduring prevalence and global distribution. What remains is a body of circumstantial evidence that suggests animal mutilations are extraterrestrial in origin. Though unorthodox, this hypothesis remains the most viable explanation as to the cause of the phenomenon.

The motive for these events is still unclear. One possibility advanced in this paper is that aliens are using the toxicology of cattle, sheep, and other grazers to monitor the effects of ingested toxins throughout the food chain. In support of this hypothesis, many of the tissues being excised from mutilated animals have rapid rates of cellular growth. These include parts of the animals containing the gastrointestinal tract and sex organs. Both of these organ systems have rapidly growing cell lines making them ideal for studying the effects of toxins. One such class of toxins called Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE’s), are known for their propensity to produce detrimental unevenly folded proteins known as prions. In turn, prions have been associated with mad cow disease and a number of other pathogenic anomalies, possibly even Alzheimer’s disease. Assuming the extraterrestrials are indeed responsible for animals mutilations, their actions may be motivated by a desire to monitor the effects of environmental toxins on mammalian tissues. 

However, there may be a darker side to the phenomenon. It’s undeniable that governments, scientists, and prominent media have stubbornly refused to recognize the existence of an animal mutilation problem. In view of the phenomenon’s overwhelming prevalence, and the fiscal burden placed upon ranchers, farmers and herders who continually loose their livestock to these mutilations, it’s difficult to justify why these state and federal agencies have steadfastly remained inattentive to the matter. This official lack of concern may simply be a misguided sense of responsibility for the public’s welfare, or it could signal something far more sinister; that humans as well as animals are being mutilated and the activity cannot be regulated through governmental authority.

It is my opinion that the mutilation phenomenon is but a single tile to a complex alien jigsaw puzzle. Yet, I sense a growing willingness to openly and frankly discuss the possibility that aliens are already here and that their presence is reflected in other unexplained phenomenon taking place throughout the world that cannot be accounted for by traditional means. It is imperative that individuals of conscience do their utmost to accurately report events even if their observations are not congruent with our current views of what is possible or real.

Something is going on that cannot be explained. We know that it’s real despite declarations to the contrary by many respected authorities. All we can do is remain faithful to what we see, hear, and experience without being swayed by the disfavor of those who continually deny their possibility. Ultimately, reality will not be constricted by our understanding of it.


I would like to conclude by offering some recommendations that could advance our understanding of the animal mutilation mystery. Of course, these suggestions are only small measures towards that end. Solving this enigma is a work in progress that can only be resolved through the continual investment of thought, time and effort. Hopefully, the following recommendations can serve as a stepping stones toward that end.

1.   Individuals and groups dedicated to investigating animal mutilations should make efforts to coordinate their time, effort and limited resources. Sharing information, organizing collected data, reviewing new findings, can all be facilitated through computer software, emails and use of the Internet. Attempts should be made to establish central collection sites in the countries affected by the phenomenon, like Linda Moulton Howe’s official website in the U.S. and the Animal Pathology Field Unit in the U.K.

2.   Whenever possible mutilations sites should noted in GPS coordinates in order to more efficiently search for patterns of activity.

3.   In areas known to be “hot spots” of mutilation activity, efforts should be undertaken to assist cattlemen protect their herds. Voluntary night surveillance teams armed with infrared cameras and sensitive electronic monitoring devices would greatly increase good will between ranchers and investigators. Efforts could also be undertaken to scan younger livestock with magnetometers, metal detectors or other sophisticated devices to determine if the animals have been “pre-tagged” in some way for abduction. Should that be the case, targeted livestock should be segregated from the main herd and temporarily placed in a more secure location.

4.   Field investigators are requested to confirm reports by farmers that both natural predators and kindred livestock avoid the presence of mutilated carcasses. The degree and duration of this avoidance should be documented when possible. If this observation is found to be valid, efforts should be undertaken to determine its cause and nature.

5.   An effort should be made to determine if the carcasses of dead animals found suspended or entangled in power lines show classical signs of mutilation. Should that be the case, the finding would greatly support the notion that their bodies were not placed their by pranksters but rather have been dropped onto the lines from above.

6.   Ranchers and farmers whose livestock are victims of animal mutilations should make efforts to present personal cases in a public forum like newspapers, radio or television. Veterinarians or forensic pathologists who examine mutilated animal carcasses in turn present their findings at professional meeting or submit them to professional journals in order to better document the seriousness of the phenomenon.

7.   Local law enforcement officers should be requested to log animal mutilations reports by noting the date, time and location of the occurrence in their daily logs. In addition, if possible photos should be taken showing all visible mutilations. Understanding the burden this may place on many police departments, I suggest a serious investigator or qualified volunteer be designated the task.

8.   Mutilation investigators should seek the assistance of state and federal park rangers and marine enforcement officials to report mutilations cases that come to their attention during the course of their routine activities so that follow-up investigations can be initiated.

9.   Ufologists should assist mutilation investigators in their efforts to better document and record the presence and nature of nocturnal lights near mutilation sites. This should include any ground traces they may come across during their investigations.

10.   I sincerely believe that many government officials are uninformed or misinformed regarding the existence and extent of unexplained animal mutilations. It’s imperative that they be freely provided with credible evidence in the form of statistics, photographs, notarized testimonies, necrology reports and other formal forms documentation. The time and effort spend doing so could prove invaluable in gaining their assistance to resolve this perplexing issue. 


[18] FBI Release under FOIA, Operation Cattle Mutilation, Section 4. Dead link - no longer available. Alternate Source: Laboratory Reports:

In a case documented by New Mexico police and the FBI, an 11 month old cross Hereford-Charolais bull, belonging to a Mr. Manuel Gomez of Dulce, New Mexico was found mutilated on March 24, 1978. It displayed “classic” mutilation signs, including removal of the rectum and sex organs with what appeared to be “a sharp and precise instrument” and its internal organs were found to be inconsistent with a normal case of death followed by predation. They went on to say: “Both the liver and the heart were white and mushy. Both organs had the texture and consistency of peanut butter” Gabriel L Veldez, New Mexico Police

[19] “Cattle Mutilations” Before It's News

Abductee Account of Calf Mutilation

The Prion Hypothesis and Animal Mutilations

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He has advanced degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, and is dedicated to the investigation of phenomena that lie on the fringes of scientific understanding. Subjective phenomena include such things as near-death experiences, synesthesia, xenoglossia, savant syndrome and hyperthymestic syndrome or individuals with exceptional autobiographical memories. Objective phenomena include verifiable paranormal experiences, crop circles and strange mutilations of unknown origin. There are other unusual phenomena deserving of investigation which he occasionally delves into under appropriate circumstances. These ancillary phenomena include instances of foreign accent syndrome, cases of apparent reincarnation, and human abduction experiences.


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